30+ year old Lolitas : Regardless of Age, Lolita is where the Heart is!

30+ year old Lolitas : Regardless of Age, Lolita is where the Heart is!

written by kawacura

Here we summarize a few of the Items from Lolita fashion brand “Excentrique” which are designed especially for women in the thirties and which can be worn beautifully each and every day.

Excentrique : The Lolita fashion brand designed exclusively for those over 30!



Starting out as a prominent maker of corsets, the fashion brand Excentrique will soon launch its new spring / summer range of Lolita style pieces exclusively aimed at women over the age of 30.

Spring in Japan is traditionally the season of entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, thank you parties, school events, introduction events, weddings and so much more.  Thus Excentrique has launched a campaign aimed at fulfilling all of these events for those in the need. ☆

The Excentrique Adult-Lolita shape concealing dress!  Note the sleeve length.



Excentrique shirring blouse and Crystal Palace skirt.

With apple amounts of soft cotton the shirring texture of this blouse is exquisite!

The elasticized neckline provides a unique cut as it can be worn in a square conservative style or in a sexy off the shoulder fashion.  The elbow length puffy sleeves are perfect for those who are a little anxious about their upper arms.  In terms of sales orders, this is a most popular item!

The botanical, vegetable themed full volume, flourishing knee length, 100% cotton skirt is also full of flavor and style and perfect for any and all adult Lolitas!

The Excentrique corset vest is a plus for those adult Lolitas wishing to highlight their nice bodies!




Excentrique : Belle of the Ball Vest

The deep neckline beautifully emphasizes thoroughly to the chest.  The classically elegant satin stripes only adds to the masquerade, evening ball atmospheric feeling.  With both decorative and vintage fittings on the front, the satin pleated edges are also a dramatic design point.  The clasps are sturdily sewn firm with three anchor points, with the waistline being able to be adjusted at the back.  The large, deep, open neckline offers a sense of style without the restrictions or pressure that conservative pieces do.  The universal black coloring makes this a fashion accessory that can be used every day in heavy rotation!

Be it casual, formal or conservative, Excentrique has it all for the adult Lolita!




This classical 19th century Victorian England style morning dress is rich in design and high in distribution / sales.

Coordinating this elegant dress with a straw, boater style hat is a perfect match for the upcoming season!  ☆

Designed similarly to brands the like of Baby Doll and Empire, this low waist one piece dress features subtle stitching at the hipline and chest.  Sleeve lengths of either elbow length or three quarter forearm length are both highly recommended.

The Excentrique adult Lolita knee length skirt, which should not be used with a pannier!




Excentrique, the corset and one piece dress fashion brand is full of beautiful form fitting and body accentuating clothes that promote the elegance of the female form.  For all adult Lolitas over 30 years of age, this is the perfect brand for you, so check them out today! ☆

Items that are black or grey or within the black and white spectrum are convenient for coordinating and are also at times deemed necessary for certain dress codes.  As such Excentrique designs pieces which can cater for any and all occasions. Be it for an entrance or graduation ceremony, thank you party, formal wedding or school / work event, you will always be able to find the perfect piece and / or accessory at Excentrique.  ☆