<6% DOKIDOKI> The Cutest of Cute Top Recommended Items for all Harajuku Lovers!

<6% DOKIDOKI> The Cutest of Cute Top Recommended Items for all Harajuku Lovers!

written by kawacura

Are you familiar with the brand “6% DOKIDOKI” Here we introduce to you the concept of the brand, the sensational cuteness which incorporates crazy colors, fun and love for all things cute and kawaii, as well as a few featured items that are our top recommendations! ♪

1st Place : The enchanting impact of these intricately patterned tights!



Have you ever seen such cool yet cute patterned tights?! No doubt, every Harajuku girl ★ desires to have at least one pair of these unique tights in their collection!!
This is the emergence of baroque patterned tights. ♪
Exclusive to “6%“, these passionate tights are oh so cute, yet to some appear to be hard to co-ordinate with other clothes and accessories, so why not have fun trying them out for yourself and see what great fashion can be achieved! If looking for a key feature to your coordinated look, this is the perfect item! ◎

“Take a closer look. Greediness, gluttony, sexual desire and indolence concealed with the beauty…  This gooey mixture looks like epitome of society.  Gryphon burning a flame of desire… Is it myself?” ++ This rare motif pattern can be noticed it’s chaoticness & COOLness from far far away!
Coordinating with plain dress can also be stylish and cute, it’ll transform your fashion into unique fashion!


2nd Place : 6% DOKIDOKI Original Vanity Pouch, “Colorful Rebellion”



6% DOKIDOKI is without a doubt very cute!  Yet for those who find the brand hard to coordinated with their other existing other pieces and brands, this item is a must have!
This lovely print vanity pouch is perfect for adding extra flair and life to your outfit without jeopardizing your overall look! ◎
This fancy item can make you smile and lighten your mood simply by carrying it around! ♪
Since the contents of this open style pouch can be seen at a glance, it is recommended for fashionable girls. ♪
If reapplying or touching up your make-up a little when out, or when staying over with friends, this fabulous eye catching pouch is sure to draw attention, heighten emotions and spark conversation! ◎

++ 6%DOKIDOKI ‘s 20th Anniversary Year Item!! This “Colorful Rebellion” patterned mini Pouch is Sebastian Masuda’s representative item and currently known as 6%’s synonym :)
It’s a must item so you can walk Inner mesh pocket and partition, with the zip it can open and close widely so you can see what’s inside at once! It’s so useful that you can’t leave it! Your everyday make up will be super fun for sure ;)
Whenever you fix your makeup, you would want to brag about it!


3rd Place : First of it’s kind – the 6% DOKIDOKI Big Ribbon!



For those that like to wear simply casual clothes everyday yet like to add a little something to their look, the flair of 6%’s “Big Ribbon” is a perfect accessory! ♪
Not to be found in any other stores this decorative ribbon adds life to otherwise simple outfits! ♪
Whether used as a hair clip, a brooch, or simply as an addition to bags or accessories the 6% “Big Ribbon” can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! ♪

★  Designed by Masuda Sebastian this is the “Colorful Rebellion” BIG Ribbon!
★  Since the BIG Ribbon is actually a 2-way clip and brooch it can be used as an accessory for hair, bags, jackets, anywhere and everywhere!  So wear this this proudly promoting your view of the world wherever and whenever you are!


4th Place : The “Pus” Printed Tank Dress



Although 6% is famously known as being an energetic, colorful brand ★ full of life and passion, they also produce simple, yet still cute items such as the “Pus Tank Top Dress”. ♪
Furthermore, since it contains the universal white black combination, it is highly recommended for those who are just starting out in the 6% DOKIDOKI world! ◎
With its vaguely see-through white overlay and obscuring black inner this item scores a perfect score for girls!
In addition the A-Line cut design of the underlay only further adds to the overall cuteness of this piece! ♪
To highlight and accentuate this unique item, skinny or damaged / ripped jeans would complete a cute, rock style! ♪
Moreover, combining this exceptional piece with our number one recommendation of the “DESIRE108” patterned tights can only result in a world class “Lady Gaga” level of excellence in runway fashion!
An absolute must try combination!

+ This patterned mode dress is image of desire popping out, which symbols the series of DESIRE108!  The rare motif and patterned dress is just chaotic and COOL that it’ll stand out wherever you are. Point of this dress is Pus..! You can simply wear this swaying the Pus covered with Desire or you can put it away inside the pocket.  From this chaotic pattern, existence of the Pus and the coloring is not so loud, so you can wear this anytime around. It’s also A line shaped and comfortable to wear! ++ Highly recommended to layer with: SCARRR BIG TEE Series of DESIRE108 began with SCARRR BIG TEE and layering with Pus series. When you unzip the heart of SCARRR BIG TEE, gooey Pus leaks… Heart part is made for the pus to come out.


5th Place : “Colorful Rebellion” Can Badges



For those that Want / Need to have a piece of 6% cuteness with them at all times despite their situation, the cute and colorful can badge is a perfect accessory!
It can be attached to hats, bags, clothes, wherever you feel appropriate or even simply unseen in a pocket in which you can personally, secretly view!  ♪
It seems that in recent years many people accessorize their look with various can badges, so why not distinguish yourself with these distinctive 6% can badges? ◎
This is another perfect item for those just entering into the 6% DOKIDOKI world of fashion! ♪
Upon close inspection these badges are completely different in design yet united in theme.
Thus, they can be enjoyed not only as a fashion item, yet also as part of a coordinated fashion interior look to one’s housings! ♪
Therefore, no matter how you choose to use or wear these items, the important thing is that you enjoy the unique cuteness and passion that 6% DOKIDOKI can offer you in all walks of life!
So please, “是非 – Zehi” (by all means) check out their fabulous range today!! ☆彡

From Sebastian Masuda’s first solo exhibition “Colorful Rebellion -Seventh Nightmare-“, section of each exhibition: Desire 1(Pink),Desire 2(Violet),Delusion,The future,Fate are popped out  into set of 5 can badges. Small but colorful power is outstanding! Anyone can wear it fashionably. It will be fabulous layering the can badges together which has different atmosphere and enjoy wearing it depending on your everyday mood! It also matches with Colorful Rebellion logo tote bag. Layering with Size M can badge is also recommended. Enjoy your daily life like you are surrounding the view of the world :)