Kurebayashi Haruka has collaborated with a woolen yarn company to produce a very charming woolen yarn “Magical Cotton”♪

Kurebayashi Haruka has collaborated with a woolen yarn company to produce a very charming woolen yarn “Magical Cotton”♪

written by kawacura

The model Kurebayashi Haruka, who appears often in the magazine “KERA”, and woolen yarn company Gosei Sangyou have taken hands to produce “Magical Cotton”. Celebrating the release of this yarn, they have decided to open an event of knitting a muffler using the Magical Cotton, on 14th of December (Sunday), 2014 in “Oyatsu Cafe Kaho”.



Magical Cotton is an item released hoping that those teen-age girls who have never touched a woolen yarn will get to know the wonder of knitting. It is unique cotton made by dying cotton good in color into stripe pattern or a single color, and then winding a sparkling aurora lame around it. It has a dry and heavy touch, and even though it entangles due to the characteristic of lame, thanks to the cotton with fine quality, it is easy on the skin. Furthermore, since it has a high strength, it is especially suitable for crocheting.



Magical Cotton/ bole of yarn 302 en (tax included)


Magical Cotton comes in 10 rainbow colors. You could enjoy colorful knitting choosing from popular colors such as rainbow and fairly to pastel colors such as lemon cream, mint to natural colors like flaxen and blue.





The event which took place in Kyoto ended in success, and in this coming up event also a lot of girls will sure to enjoy leaning knitting.


Event resume

The first Harajyuku knitting event for kids – let’s knit a muffler-】

Date:  14//12/2014 (Sunday)

Hour:  Around 13:00 to 16:00

Participating fee:  2.000 en (comes with a drink, knitting pole and woolen yarn)

※the application has been closed

Information of place

【Oyatsu Café Kaho】

Address: Kyushuya building 2nd floor 3-22-11 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to

Transportation: 5 minutes of walking from Harajyuku station, 313 meter from Meiji-jingu station.

Hour of attention: 11:00 to 20:00 (last order 19:30)

Telephone: 03:5772-9528

Kurebayashi Haruka official blog “Eddy and Mercy”

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