Sailor Guardians Narikiri Earrings

Sailor Guardians Narikiri Earrings

written by kawacura

New “Sailor Guardians Narikiri Earrings” which are made with the actual precious stones are also designed for adults!


Bandai has announced “Narikiri pierce.” They are designed in the motif of each the sailor guardian’s earrings of “Pretty guardian Sailor moon crystal”

They come in four kinds, Such as “Sailor Mercury,” “Sailor Mars,” “Sailor Jupiter, “, and “Sailor Venus.” They will debut in January 2015 with pre-orders open from Nov.19 on the official shopping site “Premium Bandai”

“Narikiri Earrings” are the second round of the genuine accessory series of “Crystal make up jewelry.” They are made for adults who love “pretty guardian sailor moon”. The clasp of the earrings is each made up of about 92.5% 925 silver.

“Mercury’s blue Topaz earrings” have blue Topaz. (12,960yen including tax)


“Mars’ red thunder earrings” have thunder shape with vivid red color. (12,960yen including tax)


“Jupiter’s pink rose earrings” are designed in the motif of pale pink rose, and are especially feminine. (11,880yen including tax)


“Venus’ carnelian earrings” have a simple design, yet are also made with a carnelian of the actual precious stone. (9,720yen including tax)


With “Narikiri Apron” as a star, Bandai had released lots of products which are designed in the motif of “Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon” such as clothes and goods. “Narikiri Apron” was released at first with clothes and goods that have followed.

Collaboration collections such as this have been extremely popular with the select shop ITS’ DEMO.

To visit the official Premium Bandai online shop, click Here.