Lolita’s in Wonderland? –  Why Not Have your Next Lolita Tea Party in this “Alice in Wonderland” Themed Restaurant?

Lolita’s in Wonderland? – Why Not Have your Next Lolita Tea Party in this “Alice in Wonderland” Themed Restaurant?

written by kawacura

Once our intrepid reporter Roki heard of the unique appeal of this “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” themed restaurant, he simply had to go experience it for himself!


“Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant” is a concept bistro in the theme of Lewis Carroll’s enigmatic classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

With 5 restaurants within Tokyo, another in Osaka and further still a new branch opening up in Nagoya shortly, each branch is labelled as a “Country”.
While some may see this as a rip-off of Disney’s various themed and labelled “lands”, the reason is actually that in Japanese “Alice in Wonderland” is translated as 不思議の国のアリス (Fushigi no kuni no Alice) with the kuni being “Country”.
Thus since Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant’s are referred to as countries, each country has its own unique style and theme.  Such as;

  • Tokyo Ginza : Alice in a Labyrinth
  • Tokyo Shinjiku : Alice in a Fantasy Book
  • Tokyo Shinjiku-West : Alice in a Magical Land
  • Tokyo Shibuya : Alice in a Dancing Land
  • Tokyo Ikebukuro : Alice in an Old Castle
  • Osaka : Alice in a Fantasy Land
  • Nagoya : Alice in the Silver Screen

So in preparation of this article our revered Roki ventured out to the Ikebukuro : Alice in an Old Castle “country”.


Rather than having to stumble and tumble, spiraling down an endless rabbit hole, Alice in an Old Castle is conveniently located a short 3 minute walk from Ikebukuro station.
(Coincidently or not I’m not sure, it is ironically located on the basement level of the building!)

Off to the Old Castle!

Upon entering the restaurant, heralds of “Welcome to the Country of the Old Castle” can be heard whilst a (not-so-mad) Hatter appears as the concierge.


Yet forget not that this is a castle and as such there are “Trump Soldiers” protecting the grounds!


In line with the Alice theme there are settings of various aspects of the wonderland, such as this hat with rabbit ears, which is to signify shrinking after the drinking of a potion.


As the name implies, inside the castle the lighting is of course provided by chandeliers.


Likewise, the walls and ceilings are equally decorated with “Alice” motifs.


Once seated, an “Alice” waitress brought over a menu and explained the specials.


NB: The uniforms here are all original creations with colors and decorative patterns varying for each of the “countries”.

Cute, Kawaii Dishes and Desserts

Well, time to eat!  First of a wonderful salad!

Singing Alice’s Hand-made Salad with Original Dressing : is precisely as the name suggests!  “Alice” sings before your eyes while she prepares a salad with an original dressing for you.


By the way, the bowl that singing Alice mixes the salad in appears to be the Mad-Hatters cherished hat!  The hat should be nice and squishy once she’s through with it! Lol

Next came what the menu called Cheshire Cat’s Joker Chef! : which was a beef stew with Cheshire Cat shaped pastry and tomato rose.  So yummy!


Cheshire Cat’s Tail Pizza : Roki order the “Black Tail” and out came a toasted nan topped with chicken and potatoes.   Which actually appeared to be quite tasty it seems.


Next was the Blue Crab and Soft Shell Crab Cream Sauce Pasta : of which the soft shell crab was particularly delicious it seems!


So now that the meals are done, it was time for dessert!

First off, the Mad Hatter’s Gateau Chocolat cake.  (The name and image says it all!)


For a little more indulgence, the Cheshire Cat Mix-Berry Parfait : this also had great three dimensional properties whilst still be very aesthetically pleasing!


After a very full and satisfied Roki finished his banquet he commented that “on a whole both the meals and desserts were thoroughly delicious! Which, was a pleasant surprise as, to be honest, I had previously held the belief that whilst the decorative settings of themed concept restaurants are great, generally the food isn’t… Yet that wasn’t the case here!  Makes me wonder what other places have similarly good evaluations!”

The intricacy of the Detailing of “Alice”

As the sated Roki previously stated, whilst the food is excellent – what really impressed him was the finite attention to detail and elaborate intricacy of decorations in the theme of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

The menu for example with its hand drawn look and coloring designed to look like aged and faded parchments, are perfectly suited to the original illustrations of the novel.


The cocktail menu was equally pleasing with its range of original names such as “Alice Wandered the Old Castle” or “A kiss from the Jack of Hearts”  (beautiful names, yet tis a mystery as to what’s in them!)

In addition to the presentation of the menu it was also nice seeing illustrations of the meals drawn in the same fashion, recalls Roki.


When restaurant staff heard of customers concerns that it was often difficult to truly comprehend what the meals are like simply by a written description alone, they soon decided to include hand-drawn illustrations to further enhance the dining experience for families and individuals alike.

As mentioned previously, the elaborate designs on the walls, ceilings and chandeliers are most impressive, yet they also, as do many other places, customize their coasters and chopsticks as well.


It truly is refreshing to see a business pay attention to even the smallest details such as their chopstick wrappers and coasters which continue the unified playing card suited theme!

Through excellent, warm hospitality, delicious food, a wonderful atmosphere full of hidden details, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy the world of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

“Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant”

  • Store Name :     Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant
  • Address :            Tokyo, Toshima Ward, Minami Ikebukuro, 2-16-8, Fujikyu Building East-3, B1
  • Access :               Ikebukuro Station – Seibu Exit – 3 minute walk.
  • Telephone :        03-3985-2193
  • Business Hours : 17:00 – 23:30 (L.O 22:30)
  • Closed :                Open 365 days!
  • Official Website

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