Gurokawa girl who has been evolving! New kind of fairy-fashion appears!

Gurokawa girl who has been evolving! New kind of fairy-fashion appears!

written by kawacura

Fairy fashion has changed! I have seen many fluffy and cute fairy girls, yet now here is the girl who combines a darker, grotesque essence into fairy fashion.

A new grotesque – kawaii fairy girl has been found!!
Fairy fashion is usually fluffy with pastel colors …wait a minute!
Her fashion seems to be fairy-like, yet she has an abundance of facial and body piercings!!
But she dresses like a fairy…..

After researching her fashion, her style is known as “Guro-Kawa”, a new kind of grotesque fairy.


I have never seen such a cute girl.
Kuua-chan is cute.
10.18.2014, 13:47p.m
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Fairy fashion typically looks like this…


Fairy fashion is generally girlish with pastel colors.
Famous brands of fairy are “Nile Perch” and “spank!”  Also, many girls wear goods of “my little pony” and “care bear”
Let’s try to wear fair fashion with casual items such as negligees and tutus.

That said, what is a “Guro-Kawa-Fairy”?


Fruit Osaka@fruit Osaka
There is an angel in Ameyoko
#fruit Osaka
Hunter mico
10.24.2014, 17:20p.m
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Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
10.23.2014, 13:17p.m
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Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
Small eyes on big face
10.29.2014 01:16a.m
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Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
Like this.
10, 26.2014, 10:44a.m
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Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
What a fat of chin….
10.24.2014 11:00a.m
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Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
I have changed earrings I want to get 2 more holes.
8.24.2014, 20:43p.m
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Finally, I found an illustrator of my “knee high”. Her everything is too cute.
She got me!! pic.

Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
Purikura. ~MEGARO~
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Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
This is a big before eating noodles
10.17,2014, 05:09a.m
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Her personal works are erotic and grotesque….but they are also of high quality …

Inside is like these?  Fantastic….


Kuachin kuachin, I am so happy that I could get postcards which arrived yesterday.
My kuachin collections are becoming a lot. Thank you always.
10.22.2014, 13:41p.m
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〇●Tenten Okisaki ●〇
Last night, I dreamed that Kuachan visited me lol
Everyone come around your drawing ♪ People and Care Bears also love your drawing.
10.25.2014, 00:22p.m
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Broach of tears large size 1500yen
Broach of tears small size 1000yen
10.17.2014, 19:41p.m
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Kuua (saiakunajinsei)
Mr.NEET’s bicycle…LOL
10.9 17:44p.m
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Nowadays, fairy fashion is becoming more and more revolting!


Pretty girl with rock/street snap@bishojo_rock.
“Osaka snap/kuua-18years old” This pretty girl wants to be a “NEET” in the future.
“Kansai Street snap/pretty girl with rock”
10.17.2014, 12:50p.m
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Nowadays, GURO-KAWA FARIY fashion is increasing.
Adding grotesque items to cute clothes highlights the cuteness!
This new way of thinking is sure to become a major fashion!