An Introduction to ATELIER BOZ!

An Introduction to ATELIER BOZ!

written by kawacura

Here are a few popular items from ATELIER BOZ!  Modern peices that are based on a archaic era are simple yet traditional!

Since ATELIER BOZ produce a wide range of both male and female pieces, you can complete a total coordinated look with a SO! Let me introduce to you some chic stylings from ATELIER BOZ.

So what kind of brand is ATELIER BOZ ?


The brand is based on black color presenting beautiful and classical Gothic items from the European Middle Ages.
The creator of Atelier Boz Ltd, designer Takafumi Shibata graduated from the Institute of Culture Clothes founded ATELIER BOZ in 1995.
The plague was raging after the wars of the 13-15 centuries which ended up reducing European population by one-third, on the other hand, Jeanne d’Arc appeared.
The brands items reflect the historical designs, for example, coats which have heavy and building-like designs with woolen linings which was prevalent in Gothic times.
Other items that are characterized are fitted top hats and flared skirts which are widest at the hemline are also produced.

An entertainer who wears ATELIER BOZ habitually … Omi


The guitarist Omi from Exist † trace which is a V-kei gothic metal band, was brought in as a photography model for advertisements of the brand.
There she wore this beautiful long coat with matching cape and a blouse with a fluffy frilled jabot tie.
It was photographed in a Vampire café in the winter of 2012.
This V-kei band is unusual in their field where all of the members are women yet they are all handsome!
The powerful intensity of performances is on level with that of many other men’s bands, on the other hand, their fashion sense makes for a unique view of the world which is both delicate and fascinating.
The unexpected balance is a highlight.

Exist Trace (イグズィストトレイス, stylized as exist†trace) is a Japanese visual kei metal band, consisting entirely of female members. The members originate from Tokyo, and initially formed in June 2003. The founding members are Jyou, Naoto and Mally, who then advertised for guitarists, meeting miko and Omi.

Exist Trace’s early music can be described as melodic death metal, with vocalist Jyou’s growls and shouts throughout many songs, which contributes to their dark undertone. They have since added more complex sounds to the compositions, their guitar sound often featuring heavy distortion and technically virtuoso riffs and solos. The lyrics are mainly based on gothic themes, and their music style has resemblance to gothic metal.

ATELIER BOZ : Eruzesu Mini-Coat


A redingote style coat in which the waist has an hourglass figure and the skirt is widest at the hemline. The silhouette gives a stylish and dignified appearance.
The high collar feels artistic and fashionable. Two lines of the double-breasted coat provide proper protection against the cold by preventing wind to enter inside.
Enjoying coordinated looks around the neck can include; decorative jabot ties, standing collar shirts, ribbons, neckties, chokers, and necklaces all work well since the neckline of the coat is slightly wide which allows for a strong yet subtle emphasis.

The mini-coats with their double button down design with a standing collar fill you with dignity.
You can arrange it beautifully with ribbons, large ties and collars.
The material is soft polyester. Waist adjustment is possible by the belt on the back.
There is also a side pocket inside.
※Please note that actual products may differ slightly in color than online images.  Thank you for your understanding.

ATELIER BOZ : Eternity Roland Jacket (Men’s)


The long Roland jackets from the BOZ Roland jacket design series uses corduroy materials which have a solid look and superior grade, much like an earl of the early 19th century.  The long length feels dignifying, sexy and attractive. Both the front decoration chain and the inside vest are able to be removed with buttons.
Take off the vest and open the front to enjoy decorative items such as a frilled shirt or a blouse. Colors come in black or bordeaux.

The BOZ Roland jacket design series uses corduroy materials with a solid and refined feeling.  The classy long length is so attractive!
※Please note that actual products may differ slightly in color than online images.  Thank you for your understanding.

ATELIER BOZ : Gerard Riders Jacket


This rider jacket can be worn together with your boy / girlfriend or partner as a “pair look”.
The item lets you feel elegance with its Goblin style fabric and luster in that the decorative pattern is not too overbearing.  It is easy to match with Goth-Loli style fashion and turn it into a beautiful outfit. The front zip and belt combine to give a strong impression.
Lolita-Punk styles can also be achieved once you put this on. The women’s clothing has a high quality silhouette where there is a beautiful borderline on the princess line and gorgeous neckband fur. The fur is removable.

The rider’s jacket lets you feel elegant using Goblin tapestry-like cloth.
The front zip gives a hard impression, and the belt, beautiful silhouette line and gorgeous neckband fur finish end in a classy design.
The fur can be removed per preference.
※Please note that actual products may differ slightly in color than online images.  Thank you for your understanding.