An Introduction to ATELIER-PIERROT

An Introduction to ATELIER-PIERROT

written by kawacura

Here are a few of the most popular items from ATELIER-PIERROT, which is designed in the theme of being dressed at a Queen’s gorgeous court dress!
Whilst a majority of the designs appear foreboding and set for cooler weather, these pieces are wearable all year round! Here we will introduce some of the super gorgeous Goth-Loli items from ATELIER-PIERROT.

An insight to the brand that is ATELIER-PIERROT?


ATELIER-PIERROT is the Gothic Lolita brand from designer Keiko Ohashi of Kay Link Ltd.

Before there was even the word Goth-Loli, Ohashi played a huge role in introducing the production of elegant black items which at the time was in contrast to the vast majority of other Lolita brands which predominately only made white and pink clothes in the early stages of the Lolita industry.

The label successfully developed stylish, elegant and gorgeous items – predominately; corsets, ribbons, high volume skirts – much like the temple bell and layered laces and frills of the elegant Imperial Court clothes which were popular of the Rococo era.

 Celebrities who wear ATELIER-PIERROT habitually : DESTROSE


Second to none with their beautiful melodies, this band has twin lead guitars which match a double bass drum and aggressive base guitar.  In addition to impressively high tone vocals, they are aptly named as DESTROSE (Destructive Rose), the Rose of Destruction, in which they harmoniously fuse the intensity of brilliant beauty and annihilation.

This authentic metal band is very popular with people in the know.  All the members are girls who yet manage to make a clear distinction from other girl metal bands which are said to be common, “girlish” metal bands, Destrose however have been an orthodox, true-to-roots metal band throughout their career.

The unique elegant Gothic Lolita fashions from ATELIER-PIERROT which are designed specifically for each of the five members, is a true highlight.

ATELIER-PIERROT – Prima Bustle Corset Dress


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The skirt looks flat and straight from the front, yet when viewed from the side it has a voluptuous volume at the back.
This is referred to as a bustle style and such silhouettes were extremely popular in the late 19th century.
Beautiful leg effects can be achieved through the slightly longer back hem to the front.
It’s feminine and pretty high volume tiered skirt and top looks like a robe-dress fluttering in the wind.
The front broach is removable. Improving the volume of the skirt even more so is also possible by tying the bustle with a ribbon under the skirt.

 ATELIER-PIERROT – Juliet Blouse White


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This shirring blouse is as brilliant and radiant as a young aristocrat lady from the Middle Ages.  The wide boat neck with a slow, shallow curve with its enhanced chest, elegant lace, thin sleeves and form fitting waist with the layered, tiered sleeves that widen at the wrists make this a gorgeous piece!
It is easy to match with a corset and a boleros of three quarter sleeves because of its thin material.  Enjoy coordinating around the neckline with a choker or necklace!
As the fabric is gathered into multiple rows (shirred) it is capable of being one-size-fits-all.

ATELIER-PIERROT – Vest Dress (Black ×Green)


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This dress meshes a dominant powerful design with elegant frills and stripes of green and black.  The design is fresh, mixing nicely the details of English gentleman style and a high volume upper skirt with a shortened hem by shirring which was inspired by an image of Marie Antoinette walking through court gardens, which is known as a “robe a la polonaise design”. It’s so cute that the inside of the tiered skirt appears when you raise the hem.
The lapel under the vest which is made from satin is very cool.
The waist is adjustable by a lace-up on the back.