『Loli-Pan』  A look at how to enjoy the knack of being a Punk Lolita!

『Loli-Pan』 A look at how to enjoy the knack of being a Punk Lolita!

written by kawacura

Here we will share some tips and advice on how to enjoy this exciting fashion as well as introducing some popular brands to keep an eye on!

Loli-Pan as a Style



As a further sub-category of the acclaimed Harajuku spawned “Lolita Fashion” Loli-Pan is a contracted term for Punk-Lolita, whereas it mixes an edgier, grittier and often more provocative element to the cute elegant styles of generic Lolita fashion.  In general, fusing the Lolita components of ruffles, frills and laces with a pop, rock, punk coloring scheme and striking motifs – is a popular and easy way to achieve an authentic Loli-Pan look! ♪

Recommended Loli-Pan Brands



If unsure of where to start when trying to get into Loli-Pan fashion, then trying out some of the brands and online stores listed below is a sure way to make an easy transition into this vibrant and exciting fashion!

Magazines such as KERA with their online store KERA SHOP are a great way to find a range of brands and styles all in one place.  That said, brands which excel in the Loli-Pan market include heavy hitters the likes of「PUTUMAYO(プトマヨ)」「ALGONQUINS(アルゴンキン)」「MAXICIMAM(マキシマム)」etc.  These brands have a wide range of Lolita and punk items which are well balanced and can be easily aligned with existing pieces.  Moreover, a collection of smaller items and accessories are available which is helpful if you are just starting out and still a bit tentative.  ♪

Loli-Pan from the Waist Down



Ok, so you may have invested in some funky pieces to start you out on your Loli-pan way, but what about the lower half?  Like so many things in this beautiful world, often it is best to start from the ground up! Loli-pan enthusiasts also feel the same, habitually placing emphasis on footwear, socks, tights and leggings.  Often being more punkish with skull motifs and extravagant shoes and colors downstairs, whilst being more Lolita with fills and ruffles upstairs.  Yet as mentioned earlier, as Loli-pan is a hybrid of multiple fashions, simply having a sense style, a little ingenuity and the confidence to stand behind your creations, then there are no real taboos!  Enjoy!

Useful Accessories for Loli-Pan



Aside from the above tips on coloring and styles, decorating your ensemble with strategic product placement in essential.  Whether it is a choker (a very prominent feature of Loli-Pan) which highlights the neckline and color or your shirt or subtle earrings which also draw attention upwards to further promote your hairstyle, badges or brooches, nail art or bracelets – depending on the type of look you are aiming for, a little accessorizing can go a long way to pulling various aspects of your look into a united outfit!  Speaking of chokers, they are in fact quite a prominent feature with the world of Loli-Pan due to their versatility at being either soft lacey Lolita styled or aggressive and intimidating punk styles and of course, everything in between.  This is especially useful when wanting to subtly or significantly either soften or harden a look by either complimenting other pieces or contrasting, ie, all soft plus hard / all hard then soft etc.

So by having an ample range of (usually not too expensive) accessories you can change the feel of (usually more expensive) dresses / skirts / tops which can have the effect of expanding your wardrobe at a cost effective rate!

Loli-Pan : The Freedom to Enjoy Fashion



Hopefully by now you may have picked up a few tips and hints on how to enjoy the freedom that is Loli-Pan and are inspired to try it out today!  Otherwise be sure to check out our other articles on the various other sub-genres within Lolita fashion, predominately, Goth-Loli (Gothic), Ama-loli (Sweet), Hime-Loli (Princess), Shiro-Loli (White), Kuro-Loli (Black), Guro-Loli (Grotesque), etc. to list but a few.  So as always, enjoy experimenting with fashion within the various styles until you find something you like, or better still have the courage to straight your own trend and flaunt it down the streets of Harajuku or wherever you may be!  Enjoy!