[ JESUS DIAMANTE ]  The Splendid Princess Brand

[ JESUS DIAMANTE ] The Splendid Princess Brand

written by kawacura

For those unfamiliar with JESUS DIAMANTE, the brand is a pioneer and principal of Princess Fashion within the world of Lolita.  With the signature trademark of their original rose print design, the brand is gorgeous to wear exclusively or blended with other coordinated princess looks.

JESUS DIAMANTE : Brand Concept



JESUS DIAMANTE is unmistakably a “Princess” themed fashion brand, yet with depth.  At first glance the brand may seem to structured towards a typical Lolita demographic, nevertheless the breadth of design ranges from younger aspiring princesses to also include more mature rose loving madames.  Founded in Osaka, by Miyamae Toyotaka the brand now also has a strong online presence.  So if looking for an elegant, enchanting princess piece to wear while strolling around a beautiful flower garden, then look no further than Jesus Diamante.

JESUS DIAMANTE : Roses in Full Bloom ♡



When one thinks of Jesus Diamante, images of roses immediately come to mind!  With their hallmark range of beautiful blooming rose print dresses, jackets, bags and other fashion accessories, all of their pieces are truly romantic!  Whilst continuing the rose print theme one piece dress line annually, each year subtle differences are made so that it is possible to have a complete range of similar yet intriguingly varied dresses as a complete collection.  Consequently, second hand Jesus Diamante items are also available on online Lolita based stores.

JESUS DIAMANTE : Dreams Come True Princess Coord



Jesus Diamante presents pieces so enchanting that simply wearing them will make you feel like a princess living in a gorgeous castle!

The aptly named “Cinderella” coat perfectly portraying the presence of a princess with its elegant design, luxurious materials and intricate attention to detail.  It is both eye-catchingly extravagant yet still regal enough in essence to maintain a sense of modest humility.

Yet not only in the Cinderella theme, there is also a “Little Red Riding Hood” themed cape as well!

JESUS DIAMANTE : Where Even the Shop Staff Look Like Princess



Spawning out of humble beginnings as simple store clerks at Jesus Diamante outlets, numerous staff have gone on to become regularly featured in popular, acclaimed fashion magazines and television variety shows.

Take Keiko Mizoe for example, the 23 year old Shinjuku store manager became so popular that she is now known throughout the industry as “Princess Keiko” and has such progressed from the company to further promote her successful  modelling career.  A similar story is that of Charisma clerk, “Erika”.

The reason for this phenomenon is that often official blog pages are run in store and thus new items are modelled by the staff themselves, which opens up the doors to popularity and a wide exposure.  So be sure to check regularly the stores official homepage.

JESUS DIAMANTE : Where to Buy From



Jesus Diamante has official stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya each offering standard pieces throughout, so that you are sure to get what you want, not matter the store you are in.  That said however, the store also has a very user friendly online shopping site and telephone mail ordering system!  Although some may be hesitant to use such a mail ordering system, orders can be placed directly with experienced and supportive shop staff whose knowledge and proficiency will alleviate all concerns!

Incidentally the annual “Lucky Dip Bags” are full of gorgeous items and full of valued bargains, so it is highly recommended on orderings yours ahead of time as to not miss out!