Tea Time Items By Innocent World For Classical Lolitas

Tea Time Items By Innocent World For Classical Lolitas

written by kawacura

Must see items for all fans of Adult-Lolita, Goth-Loli, Casual-Loli etc!

Classical Lolita brand Innocent World has released the latest pieces of their “Tea Party” themed Spring Summer 2015 collection.  ♥

Classical Lolita Dresses From Innocent World



The latest items from classic Lolita brand Inowa (the colloquial contraction of Innocent World) have been released in this seasons “Tea Party” themed collection.  ☆

The above “Tea Time Corset Jumper skirt” design features elegant, vintage and slightly shabby yet chic rose tea cups, teapots and tableware with gold teaspoons. ♥

The intricately tailored jumper skirt when adorned with puffy sleeves and a cute girly decorated chest create a very feminine silhouette and is highly recommended for cute Lolitas!  Accessorizing with trendy, cheap Harajuku style items and distinctive socks can furthermore create a very unique look.

Recommended Classical Lolita Hairstyles for Tea Parties



Regardless of the season, tried and true classical Lolita hairstyles are unmistakably plaits and braids.  Branching out from this princess style regal cuts with elegant length, soft undulating curls or waves and humble colors are also very popular.  Wigs in this fashion are also very common.

To further highlight these styles garnishing with ornate ribbons, bows, hairpieces, bonnets and hats easily complete an outfit.  Innocent World impeccably completes a range of dresses and jumper skirts with matching headwear styled in harmonizing motifs, which if combined with similar socks or tights create balance and uniformity to the outfit.  ♪

Tips on How to Effortlessly Dress Classical Lolita.



Due to the sometimes subtle similarities between various Lolita sub-categories, there are a few do’s and don’ts that should be respected so that you stay true to the particular classification.  In regards to classical Lolita fashion areas to pay attention to are; sleeve length – full length is most prominent at creating a mature look, yet three quarter length are also common as are puff short sleeves especially if aiming for a youthful look.  Skirt length which is knee length or longer form a mature elegant style when accessorized with tights / high socks or even short frilly socks and graceful high heels or stiletto pumps.

Recommended Techniques for Classical Lolita Make-up



Subtle tones and coloring that highlights elegance and promotes a warm, friendly mother-like aura style of makeup is very well suited to classical Lolita fashion.  Recent reports from famous actress Ishihara Satomi states that parallel eyebrows has become popular among celebrity fashion and that it highlights large eye makeup effects and colored contact lens.

Classical Lolita Super Cute Blouses



On Innocent Worlds blog page which is written by each stores staff, cute coordinated outfits can be seen.  The staff model the latest clothes, bags, footwear and accessories which provide a good reference when thinking about purchasing new items.  ♪

One such item that the staff recommends as a “must have” is the super cute “Ribbon Papillion Short-Sleeved Blouse”.  This adorable blouse has elegant puff sleeves, an exposed yet understated standing collar and a removable waist belt at the back and collar ribbon.  This piece coordinates fashionably with a corset or jumper-skirt.  Colors are available in white, beige and black.

With the use of a large corset or vest the original lace decoration and frills on the chest area promotes a gorgeously striking bust line.  ☆



Here is the real gem of the blouse! The removable ribbon can easily be attached or detached by a simple Velcro clasp.  Thus the blouse has an excellent range of use in that you can accessorize with various other necklaces or ribbons or keep the original Jabotai ribbon as is.  This item is highly recommended for mature elegant Lolitas as well as for casual Lolitas! So check out the official online store and enjoy!