[Angelic Pretty] The Best Brand to Feel like a Princess

[Angelic Pretty] The Best Brand to Feel like a Princess

written by kawacura

Angelic Pretty provides clothes and accessories the type that girls have always longed for!  Simply wearing an Angelic Pretty piece will make you feel as if you have been magically transformed into a princess character from a wonderful, enchanting picture book! So here today, we introduce to you some of the charm that Angelic Pretty has to offer!

Angelic Pretty Brand Concept



Angelic Pretty brand concept is summed up as “clothes inspired by princesses from a picture book”

If you have ever had the thought, “It’s so good to be a girl!” then Angelic Pretty is for you!  The cute enchanting items have the power to lighten spirits even if only seen and not worn.  Which is why Angelic Pretty is the brand of all girls dreams!

The Angelic Pretty line-up offers a cute, Lolita-like fashion style, enchanted to make a girl’s dreams come true.

Angelic Pretty provides adorable clothing covered in lace,
frills and ribbons like that of the fairytale princess you dreamed
about as a little girl.  We want girls to never lose sight of that dream …
And this is a brand for girls who want to keep that dream alive.


Angelic Pretty Participating at International Events



As the Japanese word “kawaii” has become part of the international language, a worldwide cuteness craze has swept over girls everywhere! In response to this, and in a large part because of the initial effort, Angelic Pretty sends guest ambassadors and representatives of the Lolita world to many major events all over the world, from France to America to China. For more information be sure to visit the official Angelic Pretty website.

Celebrities Who Love Angelic Pretty



Angelic Pretty has been a long time favorite of many numerous artists, actors and entertainers.  Often modeling the cover of highly popular magazine KERA, famous celebrity Sayaka Kanda and self-admitted lover of Lolita fashion regularly promotes Angelic Pretty in her personal and professional life.  Fashioning the Angelic Pretty “Dolly Cross” one piece dress with a twin tail hairstyle onstage at one of her events, sales of the dress increased significantly.

Angelic Pretty Prints : Something for Everyone!



Angelic Pretty produces a plethora of original prints, often as part of a unique concept series.  The above jumper skirt is the “Princess of the Mermaid Kingdom” from the “Marine Kingdom” series.  ♪

The enchanting, intricate designs create heart stirring emotions through the sophisticated attention to detail and loving care of construction.  Online purchase ordering enables a convenient hassle free shopping experience, especially with forward ordering and reservations of seasonal lucky bags!

Kira Imai’s Angelic Pretty Illustrations  ♪



Among the various items produced by Angelic Pretty, postcards illustrated by Kira Imai are also extremely popular.   The 「La Princesse Sucre」collaborated series and the like sold out almost immediately.  Many of the illustrations by Kira Imai are featured on the Angelic Pretty homepage.  So if looking for inspiration for a new coordinated look, be sure to check out the official AP website.