PUTUMAYO + KikiRara + Care Bears = Awesome Collaborated Tights

PUTUMAYO + KikiRara + Care Bears = Awesome Collaborated Tights

written by kawacura

Leading conglomerates Sanrio, Little Twin Stars and Kiki & Rara have come together to produce the extremely rare yet infinitely amazing punk styled “Care Bear” leggings!! ♪

So be sure to check out these super special kawaii leggings made by Lolita-punk fashion brand PUTUMAYO × Sario Little Twin Stars × Care Bears ♡

Kikirara / Care Bear Leggings by PUTUMAYO that can be used with Gothic Lolita ☆



Cuteness and poison collide in a collision of awesomeness in these Kikirara / Care Bear Leggings by PUTUMAYO that are so cute!  Since the introduction of the three way collaborated leggings, they have been met with such vivacious enthusiasm that many of the colors sold out so quickly that it is only possible to obtain them through second hand stores or online auctions.

Popular, triple collaboration item of Kikirara × Care Bears × PUTUMAYO ☆



Harajuku fashion has long been a leader of contrasting and complimenting genres to create new and explosive fresh looks, which makes this three-way collaboration that incorporates both cuteness and darkness into one solidified image of harmonious perfectness!  This is further highlighted by the fact these unique leggings are asymmetrical in design in that the left and right leg images complement each other as one full image when viewed together yet appear contrasting when viewed separately.  ♫

Uber Cute Care Bears with PUTUMAYO Magic



Why Not Try the Care Bear, PUTUMAYO Leggings?!?



Whether the occasion deems leggings, spats or tights, the care bear range can be used in a variety of formal and casual events!

Moreover, wherever and whenever vigorous exercise is at play, leggings can be beneficial to heat loss prevention, muscle support and blood circulation.  So if participating in any such activity such as mountain climbing, soccer, cycling, basketball, volleyball or any other sports in which one often wears leggings under short pants, why not up the ante by using these leggings as a healthy, fashionable item?! ♪ Furthermore due to the universal design of the leggings, the ankle is left open for freedom of movement and ease of use.

PUTUMAYO is a universal brand which boldly ventures into various markets yet has its roots deep with the hardcore loli-pan (Punk Lolita) and gothic aspects of Harajuku fashion.  Through their rise to international stardom, the brand has fused numerous styles whilst also paving their own unique presence within the Lolita and Harajuku scene.  Within their range the opportunity to wear stylistic norms or groundbreaking firsts are as easy and comfortable as houseware or cutting edge catwalk ideals.

Role Models that Idealize The Kikirara x PUTUMAYO Leggings



Effective layering of items to make a coordinated look may be simple and basic enough to some, yet for others and beginners it may not be as easy as it first appears to be.  Tights? Stockings? Leggings?  How to cater for each condition whilst sporting the utmost chic fashion can be a headache for even the most experienced of stylists, yet with the Care Bear leggings, no matter the occasion, no matter the weather, no matter the dress code, they and the wearer will always fit in and be if so desired, be a positive focal point of the gathering.

With pastel colors on a universal black or whites and soft colors on pastel backgrounds, matching and coordinating with a variety of outfits is as easy and comfortable as is wearing them! ☆



Mixing cute and casual tank tops, tube tops or simple T’s with stylish clogs, boots or even retro Doc Martins and these fashionable tights with (or without) any style of short shorts (or skirts) is a sure way to reign supreme as the master of Loli-pan fashion or alternatively styled in a softer sense, the same supremacy can be achieved in Ama-Loli circles or a variety of others.  Similarly these leggings work extremely well with loose asymmetrical tops and a wide range of distinctive accessories and decorations, which make them an absolute necessary for anyone interested in creating unique individual looks whilst still sporting stylish fashionable iconic labels!



Not only Ama-Loli or Loli-pan yet by coordinating with mini-skirts, skeleton T-shirts or other variants and eye catching make-up and piercings etc. Ero-loli / guro-loli and goth-loli are all also achievable!  This can further be highlighted or downplayed through the use of transparent garter belts and stockings which add style and warmth for those days when it is a little cold to be fashionably minimalistic!  Stockings which are tattered or have holes can also be given an extra lease of life in this way as they can provide the effect of cobwebs over punk images or as a way of graduating and accentuating a blend of colors.

Thus, all in all these fashionable and stylish leggings have such a depth and range, that they are an absolute must have necessary item for any fan of fashion!  ☆