Indie Brands Within the Lolita World!  The Way to Find Your Own Individual Charm!

Indie Brands Within the Lolita World! The Way to Find Your Own Individual Charm!

written by kawacura

Despite the monopoly of certain brands that tend to be focused on in magazines, shops and online, there are in fact many, many Lolita and Gothic brands flying beneath the radar.  So if looking for that special something which you can proudly and confidently proclaim as being your style, then these high quality – low volume brands are just the way to do it!

The Beauty of 小さなメゾン “Chisai na mezon” (Small Maison)


If like so many, you have tried to assemble a varied and complete Lolita wardrobe, yet end up with but a few select brands, that seem to be the same as everyone else, try these minor yet highly reputable brands.  Whilst there are a handful of internationally famous Gothic Lolita brands, there are also a plethora of lesser known excellent value labels on the market.  And within these designs there is the possibility of distinguishing yourself from fellow link-minded fashion enthusiasts!  Due to the intimacy of distribution, the attention to detail (usually) is paramount!  Although individual tastes and styles vary between people, certain fundamental fashions hold true, and this is where the smaller more personal indie brands thrive and reign supreme and where you can too as you stand aside (or above) from peers and comrades!



The Lolita brand Seraphim is a boutique brand that produces clothes, accessories and even antique Western sundries within its classic style.  Utilizing the finest of materials, this elegant fashion brand creates new graceful and chic designs every month, so as there is a retail store within downtown Tokyo and a user-friendly online store, why not check them out today!

Royal Princess Alice


This brand debuted onto the Lolita fashion scene with the prominent illustrator “Mr. Tama” in 2014.  With the theme of a fairy tale story mixed with a popular visual-k style, the “moonlit encounter of a jellyfish and black cat” jumperskirt and tights are simply divine!

Royal Princess Alice (ロイヤル プリンセス アリス)
Incorporating high dignity as a European Princess
Alice in a wonderfully cute yet dark world…
This is the brand concept and world view of this Gothic & Lolita brand.

Tiramisu Tiny


Tiramisu Tiny’s flagship concept of a “a little girls dream of adulthood” is exceptional! The chief designers “Meraru-san” & “Airu-san” are so in sync that from the designs to the finished sewn garments Tiramisu Tiny products are so immaculate and thus highly recommended!

“A girls dream of adulthood” is the brand concept.
The “Tiramisu Tiny Tot” image model is that of a fictional, innocent, honest, lovely girl.
Tiramisu has the power to usher fashion enthusiasts into a sensual new heavenly world, can be described as “Lover”.  The “Tiny Tot” line is as cute and elegant as the name suggests, as it conjures images of a young girl yearning for elegant stylish clothes.

Foreign / International Brands


Asphodels (アスフォデルス) promotes the theme of “Transient life and the pathetic silence of death.”

Surfecespell (サーフェイセスペル) is a brand developed by duo designers which incorporate an essence of neo classicism with designs that defy traditional stereotypes.

These two brands were both spawned out of Shanghai, China and often use beautiful religious paintings in their Gothic Lolita designs.  For ease of acquisition purchases can be through the mail order online site August Moon.