Corgi-Corgi : The fashion Experts of “Headgear”

Corgi-Corgi : The fashion Experts of “Headgear”

written by kawacura

Corgi-Corgi is a brand that specializes in Lolita, Goth-Loli, and most prominently Steampunk fashion! So here we take our hat off to the “Mad Hatters” as we open the door and introduce to you the fantastic designs and hear wear from Corgi-Corgi.

Like Hats?  –  Then You Will Love Corgi-Corgi


Corgi-Corgi(コーギーコーギー)is the “Mad Hatter” of the head-wear fashion and accessorizes world! Popularized in the movie “Black Butler” and also through a variety of celebrities and musicians and CD jackets.  So if looking for that perfect accessory to your coordinated look, then look no further than the treasure trove that is Corgi-Corgi.

Within the Lolita, Gothic Lolita and steampunk world, accessorizing with various hats, bonnets, bands and ribbons etc. are extremely important and often referred to as “headgear” and if after some excellent headgear for your outfits, then Corgi-Corgi is highly recommended!

Corgi-Corgi : Harmonious Hats!


Corgi-Corgi produces a variety of headgear for various fashion styles, with inspirations and designs as brilliant, fabulous and unique as the inventions of the “Mad Hatter” from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

To say that Corgi-Corgi makes hats, is a severe understatement!  Perfectly suited designs that fit each subtle sub–genres such as standard Lolita, Classical Lolita and Gothic Lolita are so well suited to the category that the atmosphere they create not only adds to outfits, yet undoubtedly emphasizes and accentuates all coordinated looks!  Seasonal headwear optimally uses textual material differences as heavy set textiles for autumn and winter styles and lighter, cooler fabrics and weaves for summer and spring.

Stuck on Steampunk?  Go for Corgi-Corgi


The world of steampunk has been steadily growing and hinting at a major boom for years!  So for all you eager enthusiasts and newbies, Corgi-Corgi is the place to start!  As the genre is predominately based on a futuristic take of a Victorian period style where locomotive steam based engines and the basis of industry in which yet designed futuristic items and machines are the norm.  Therefore, the steampunk fashion reflects this pretense in that traditional Victorian clothing infused with engineering styles.  Hence welding googles, cogs and mechanical timepieces and the such, are extremely popular with the fashion style.  Hence Corgi-Corgi adequately produces stylish hats and belts rich with gears, googles and other key decorations that are perfectly suited for cutting edge steampunk fashions.  This has made the online store of Corgi-Corgi a very popular online mail order site.  So please be sure to visit this excellent store, official SNS outlets and blogs!

Classical Lolita (Kura-Loli) & Sweet Lolita (Ama-Loli) Items


Of late fashionable headwear, wreaths, girly headbands and bonnets are not only popular among Lolita societies but are become very common among mainstream fashion as well.  Each different Lolita sub-category has it’s own particular form of headwear.  With Classical Lolita (Kura-Loli) & Sweet Lolita (Ama-Loli) preferring bonnets and lighter more dainty pieces, Gothic Lolita and the like tend to be heavier more prominent pieces of the coordinated outfit. For more inspiration from their vast range of intricate and exquisite hats, click the link above or below.

Gothic Lolita (Goth-Loli) Items


Corgi-Corgi furthers its reign of headwear fashion with their elegantly dark and provocative Gothic Lolita headwear.  Adorned with black roses, shadowy feathers, nefarious hearts, skeletons and other delightfully artistic decorations, the Corgi-Corgi range of Gothic Lolita fashion create a beautiful Bordeaux branch of headwear.

Acquiring these splendid pieces can be achieved not only through the official online store yet also through popular sites such as KERA SHOP and ATELIER-PIERROT (Harajuku & Osaka).  The exquisite items can also be found at a wide variety of independent boutique Gothic and Lolita fashion stores, so next time you are in store or surfing the web, be sure to try one on and transform your outfit!