A Closer Look at the Charismatic Brand, h.NAOTO

A Closer Look at the Charismatic Brand, h.NAOTO

written by kawacura

After numerous introductions of the stylish unique brand that is h.NAOTO, we here at Kawacura feel that the exceptional charisma and distinctive concept and world view of h.NAOTO deserves another look!  Therefore, like so many A-List celebrities and artists we hope (like we do) that you will fall head over heels in love with this idiosyncratic iconic brand.

The Brand that is h.NAOTO



Regarded among key movers and shakers, “KERA” and “The Gothic Lolita Bible” as being a truly individualistic brand with unique, eye catching, heart churning designs, h.NAOTO is a brand that merits serious recognition and respect!

Drawing upon a number of varied and cultured inspirations, h.NAOTO designs are unique interpretations of fashion and style canvassing a range of emotions and creations.  Blending decadent gothic fashion with elements of punk passions, the h.ANARCHY range along with the h.NAOTO blood collection similarly encompass a style that is as unique as it is gorgeous!  The STEAM range which focuses on the recent renaissance of steampunk fashion equally stands proud and true to brand values with their fresh, adaptive formative fashions.


h.NAOTO has changed and influenced Gothic Lolita fashion worldwide. The h.NAOTO brand has transformed Japanese sub-cultures such as Gothic Lolita, Punk, Visual Kei, Cosplay and Anime into a new category of fashion. h.NAOTO is also recognized by international musicians and Japanese Musicians including GACKT, YOSHIKI from X JAPAN and hyde have collaborated with h.NAOTO.
Recently h.NAOTO has focused on the series of the Seven Deadly Sins and he developed his new category, neo Victorian Steam Punk fashion “h.NAOTO STEAM” in 2013.


Naoto Hirooka, a creative designer of h.NAOTO was born in Kobe in 1977. He started to work for S-inc. in 1999 and debuted the h.NAOTO brand in 2000. He has created his original fashion images involving Japanese culture such as Gothic and Lolita, Visual-kei.


Apparel Company KINCS



h.NAOTO, whilst providing a very strong distinctive individualistic and independent front, also offer their breathtaking products through a range of retailers so that it has never been easier to obtain your favorite fashion varieties!

One such outlet of fine fashion is KINCS which also holds a close personal tie with H.NAOTO designers.  KINCS specializes in user friendly websites, so their platform is extremely simply to navigate and hassle free. So much so that categories, clothes, genres and even frill color can be separated and selected to make browsing and purchasing as easy as possible!

Charismatic Designer, Naoto Hirooka



As a graduate of the prestigious Bunka Fashion College of Tokyo, Hirooka Naoto (h.naoto) joined the S-Inc corporation in 1999 which was the original company of the present KINCS, where he still frequently presents lectures at his former alma mater.

A variety of celebrities and Visual-kei artists also highly respect and adore h.NAOTO designs such as Gackt, X Japan as well as international acts Evanesence and Marilyn Manson etc.




h.NAOTO’s headquarters were famously located in the heart of Harajuku, yet in recent years they have proudly moved into the h.N GALLERY in Nishi Azabu.  So if ever in Tokyo and the Harajuku Laforet store, be sure to check out the Shinjuku Marui Annexed store.  H.NAOTO is also unique in that their staff will even participate in live video chat calls in which products can be viewed, advice given and queries answered all without leaving the comfort of your own home.   Furthermore the user-friendly web shop is update and often found to be supporting upcoming promotions and sales.

Cerebration party of h.N GALLERY opening was held on December 6th in Nishi Azabu.

Nishi Azabu store that had been producing only upon orders with strictly appointment was newly opened as “h.NAOTO’s new concept shop”. The party was to celebrate the shop’s opening.

Let me touch upon a brief personal history of h.NAOTO’s. His brand debuted in 2000. He developed a unique viewpoint of fashion involving cool Japanese culture such as Gothic and Lolita as well as visual style in response to feeling resonance with extreme “Punk” philosophy. The brand has got lots of fans who are artists or ones in the overseas. It has become a brand which fans of rock music or visual style music definitely long for. Many media from overseas and people concerned gathered to see h.NAOTO’s new world view…

At 4.30 pm, the party started gorgeously with speech of the designer of h.NAOTO, Naoto Hirooka.

A collaboration project, h.NAOTOxStrangeArtifact (Steampunk band), which started based on Hirooka’s idea “a shop integrates the salon, gallery and exhibition of writers and artists” was announced. The project produces armor rings with shape of a cat or a skull that can be used as accessories on costume. It will be a limited product of h.N GALLERY. There was also a talk on the concept of the shop floors between an artist Mantam who took charge of the shop directions and Hirooka. Mantam announced that he completed the “One World” that integrates the studio and sample showroom based on future direction as h.N GALLERY. The layout was designed for flexible mobility and a plan that has a degree of freedoms has been adopted. .

In this interview, I came to know the new movement of h.NAOTO and got impressed very much by Hirooka’s attitude of being particular about the details and that goes even farther with his unique world view. I do hope you once visit h.N GALLERY.


Collaborative Works



h.NAOTO is such a popular brand that it attracts fans from a wide spectrum of genres and fashion enthusiasts.  Collaborations incorporating Visual-Kei aspects, Steampunk elements, Rock, Punk, Gothic, etc., entice and stimulate a number of high profile celebrities and in turn the greater populace.  It is through this ability to pre-emptively create cross-over pieces which can be tailored into various subtle sub-cultures which is what has made h.NAOTO such a unique, charming and successful brand!


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