MIHO MATSUDA : Easy to Wear Gothic Fashion for Adults

MIHO MATSUDA : Easy to Wear Gothic Fashion for Adults

written by kawacura

Brand Concept



MIHO MATSUDA was inaugurated in 1997 by chief designer, Miho Matsuda in Osaka, Japan.  Before launching her beautiful, boutique brand Matsuda studied fashion design at Kansai Women’s Art College.  The style of MIHO MATSUDA promotes a “romantic girly style with European taste.”


A lady’s brand that develops a Gothic & Lolita style of fashion.

“MIHO MATSUDA” receives a great deal of attention from artists in overseas who are interested in Japanese culture.

The brand presents the “romantic girly style with European taste.”


“The Designer, MIHO MATSUDA”

The designer, MIHO MATSUDA, graduated from Kansai Women’s Art College and the Fashion Design Course of Osaka Mode Gakuen.

After working at Tokyo Style Co., Ltd., she became a designer of cantwo at Tokyo Can Co., Ltd.

Then, she developed her own brand with her name “MIHO MATSUDA.”


After working at an apparel company in Tokyo, the designer, MIHO MATSUDA, came back to Osaka. In Osaka, she started working a part-time job as a designer at a shoe store in America Mura. At this store, her unique products, such as wooden shoe soles, etc., became huge hits. She established the brand “MIHO MATSUDA” to sell with clothing which was her main business line and opened the first shop in America Mura in Osaka.

(She created a thick shoe sole boom before thick shoe soles became very popular in gal fashion as represented by Namie Amuro. It was said that one out of five people waking in America Mura in Osaka were wearing shoes with thick soles, according to the transition of shoes with thick soles by SHOE, BAG Detectives.)


Elegant Gothic Coordinates



Often featured in top fashion magazines such as the “Gothic & Lolita Bible” MIHO MATSUDA is regularly cited as being a Gothic brand that produces pieces that are not too Gothic so that they can be easily worn by non-Gothics.  This ability to coordinate simply among other genres can also be attributed to the fact that the core color of black can basically be coordinated with anything.

That said, MIHO MATSUDA still stays true to traditional Gothic values with select accessory items decorated with spiders, crosses, bats etc. This range of hard and soft pieces allow for the brand to be enjoyed by the majority on any occasion.

With adequate sizing for both small and larger body types and an international EMS delivery system, ordering online from MIHO MATSUDA is a breeze!

Classical Lolita Clothes that are Perfect for Adult Lolitas



MIHO MATSUDA elegantly creates cute, girly items beautifully decorated with frills, ribbons and lace yet not excessively so that it appears too childish.  This lends itself perfectly for adult Lolitas who want to maintain their kawaii cuteness without compromising their maturity, elegance and sophistication.

Whilst traditional Lolita often incorporates rich extravagant panniers and underskirts to promote volume to silhouettes, MIHO MATSUDA often produces pieces (like the above sharp designed jumper one piece) that are more modest in cut and pronouncement.  This enables the pieces to be worn at a variety of events and more accessible to a wider range of fashion enthusiasts.  Especially so through such easily applied accessories, bows, bonnets and footwear which effortlessly allow outfits to be fluently dressed up or down as situations suggest.

This highly efficient, versatile brand is produced with the utmost care and craftsmanship, using only the most premier of materials is actually very, very reasonably priced!  Combined with excellent online services and a strong 2nd hand / used clothing shop makes MIHO MATSUDA the first brand that you should check if new to the style or simply looking for some stylish pieces.

Functional Fashionable Bags form MIHO MATASUDA



So often do high fashion products look amazing yet lack in functionality that it is hard to find the perfect bag which looks both super stylish and that can also practically hold and contain numerous belongings.  MIHO MATSUDA provides just such a bag for both Goth-Loli fans as well as Classic Lolitas.  If ever in Ikebukuro then be sure to check out the exquisite range, otherwise pop into any KERA shop which also proudly distribute the brand.

MIHO MATSUDA Presents Ouji Outfits ☆



As has been previously mentioned throughout this article, MIHO MATSUDA produces simplistic sophisticated pieces that cater for a variety of genres.  Furthering their expansive range are MIHO MATSUDA items designed for Ouji Coordinates.  The tasteful, chic pants are rich in class and abundant in designs.  Handsomely harmonized with vests, bowties, blouses and caps, these tasteful outfits are perfect for adventurous Lolitas, trendy guys and for whomever else feels the urge!  And through MIHO MATSUDA it is easy to feel that surge of emotion and raw excitement, so if you are looking for that perfect present or something special for yourself, then look no further than the magnificence of MIHO MATSUDA and their amazing collections! Seriously through!  This a brand that all in the know should be familiar with, if not own!!