Worldwide Lolita “Ochya-Kai / Tea Parties

Worldwide Lolita “Ochya-Kai / Tea Parties

written by kawacura

Lolita fashion spawned from the sub-cultures of Japanese fashion and with it arose the reverent “Ochya-kai” or “Tea Party”.  Similarly just as Lolita fashion grew throughout the world, so did the iconic Lolita “Tea Party” gathering!

Tea Parties Held Globally


With deep roots within Japanese culture, Lolita culture has become synonymous with “Kawaii” fashion and has now spread all over the world!  This “Kawaii” boom has flourished internationally so much so the previously unknown word of “Kawaii” has become an untranslated word, similar to sushi, tsunami and karaoke.  So evidently, it goes without saying that the cherished Lolita “Ochya-kai” (tea party) has likewise accompanied Lolita fashion and Kawaii-ism internationally.  So let us take a look into the history, culture and future of the Lolita Tea Party and its rise worldwide!

Lolita Events and Tea Parties in the UK


The Tea Party Club is the largest Lolita circle in the United Kingdom and recently celebrated their seventh anniversary at an event held in London.  Popular brands that appear to be the favorite of UK tea parties seem to be the Japanese brand metamorphose temps de fille (Metamo), as can be seen in the above video by Ai Akizuki.  Ai further notes that Westerners wearing Lolita fashion are so kawaii and that the event was a complete success!

Misako Aoki Visits a Tea Party in Taiwan


The chairperson for the official Japan Lolita Association, Misako Aoki, attended a tea party in Taiwan on a promotional tour heralding the release of her “Lolita Fashion Book”.  Appearing at events in both Taipei and Tainan, her presence was much appreciated by all Lolitas in attendance.  Yet the gratitude was reciprocal in that Misako-san commented on her personal blog afterwards that “it was really, really fun! ♪”
“Even though geographically Taiwan is quite close to Japan it is still a foreign country, so it warms my heart to see how popular Lolita fashion has become here!  I feel that great friendships can be formed at Tea Parties like this!”

Lolita Events and Tea Parties in Russia


More so than simple tea parties in Russia there is in fact a Japan Pop Culture Festival which is filled with die-hard lovers of Japan.  This of course includes Lolitas who love tea parties!  The enthusiasm for unique Japanese cultures in far off foreign countries is impressive and inspiring, so when seeing non-Japanese Lolitas dressed perfectly and flawlessly organizing and holds events, it brightens the world!

Tea Party Hair and Makeup : Tutorials by Non-Japanese Lolitas


There are numerous videos and blogs online that act as how to’s for accurately dressing Lolita fashion.  Here we have a video tutorial of a non-Japanese introducing techniques on how to perfectly prepare one’s own hair and makeup for a Lolita gathering.  ♪
With a heart long yearning for the kawaii of Japan, this Lolita looks more like a beautiful doll than an actual person! Her technique and application is absolutely amazing, so next before heading out to a Lolita event, why not try some of her tips and advice from other Lolitas worldwide!