The Most Important Aspect of a Tea Party : Etiquette

The Most Important Aspect of a Tea Party : Etiquette

written by kawacura

The hallowed Tea Party is revered among Lolitas as a chance to flaunt their fashion, meet with friends and create an air of royalty as they dine.  Yet to thoroughly be able to enjoy a tea party, one must not only dress up one’s fashion yet also smarten up one’s manners. So let’s take a look at proper tea party etiquette and ways of enjoying Lolita gatherings!  ♪

How to Enjoy a Tea Party


Now who better to bestow the beautiful wisdom of ‘how to conduct oneself’ at a tea party than the exulted Misako Aoki?!?  Despite holding the prestigious title of chairperson/ambassador of the official Japan Lolita Association, Misako-san bestows her wisdom upon us all with her advice on how to thoroughly enjoy a tea party or Lolita gathering.  Whilst most people understand basic manners and etiquette, it is easy for Lolitas (and fans of anything to be honest) to become giddy with anticipation, nervous and flustered so that all common sense is left behind as one plunges headfirst into ones favorite pastime.  The problem is that, however admirable this enthusiasm is, it is often not shared by fellow fans to whom sudden surges of emotions and vocals are nothing but social faux pas that end up shunning the offender from other social events.

Thus efficiently balancing passionate fervor with restrained conservatism all wrapped up in a petite diplomatic smile is the best way to not offend others and to also sincerely enjoy oneself equilaterally.  In summary of various Misako-san’s press releases her foremost central advice is, “Dressing cute is not enough to be a true Lolita, one must actively reflect a mirror image of cuteness, both within and without!”

Manners & Etiquette


Here we have the very most talented and venerated Misako Aoki providing some basic (yet often overlooked) key areas of proper etiquette and manners.  Whist the full series has been previously covered in a preceding post by another valued KawaCura writer, (Very Good Manners ) we highlight Misako’s kawaii explanation of how to be cute yet still hold a sense of self, style, wit and humor.

So be sure to check out the video above to see just how accurately cute one is or to simply brush up on ways to not be embarrassingly “Ita!” (painful).

That said of course, as mentioned in so many other articles, style is a simply a sense of self, so if one can hold oneself and actions in a harmony of yin yang balance between giving and receiving, and respect others “self”, then why not make the party and promote some fun!  All in all, regardless of how formal tea parties appear to be at times, without fun and pleasure they would not be!  So as long as others are having fun and are legitimately smiling along with you, then there are no rules!

Simply be courteous, cute and courageous!

The Importance of considering of ones surroundings whence carrying an umbrella


Regardless of the fact that during the wet season, rainy months of spring and summer the umbrella is not only an absolute must have necessity to protect your precious outfit, a pretty parasol is also a valued decorative accessory.  Nevertheless certain care and constraints made be made when carrying and using one.

More so than in inclement weather, dainty umbrellas are more-often-than-not carelessly thrown about when the sun is out and the weather warm.  It is at these times that often one forgets to pay attention to edges and prongs as one can become elated with the high mercury and spirits about.  Unpretentiously imagining the dread that would be felt if another accidentally caught ones umbrella and ripped ones prized outfit, the unrelenting guilt, dismay and horror that would be felt if oneself were the cause of another’s disgrace – is truly something that nightmares are made of!  So as the old proverb states, ‘better to be safe than sorry!’ so make sure that wield that wildly unpredictable umbrella with the utmost of care!

Tea Parties are Fun!


A lot of effort is also put into attending tea parties that in order to make sure ones outfit is perfectly suited to the theme of the event, often time can slip by catering to making those finishing adjustments on hair and accessories.  Thus, make sure to leave ample time for transit and including extra time if missing a connection or mistaking directions to the event venue.  Nothing is worse than starting out a delicate afternoon already on the back foot by arriving late at a function.

So remember! Mild manners and proper etiquette begin before one even leaves ones house!

Photography Etiquette


Another key aspect of the illustrious tea party is the photo shoot and snap-shots.  As with everything else, whole-hearted enthusiasm mixed with a quiet demeanor are the best ways of not out-shinning fellow attendees yet still maintaining a prominent powerful portrayal.  When taking two shots or group photos, one should always verify another’s permission before uploading photos to various social networking sites or posting online.  If met with hesitance, offer to blur or opaque facial features so that the style can be promoted whilst protecting privacy.  In this way all can thoroughly enjoy the tea party and eagerly look forward to the next!

If you have any comments, advice or anecdotes please be sure to leave a comment below!