Key Components of Lolita Fashion : Wigs

Key Components of Lolita Fashion : Wigs

written by kawacura

After covering such Lolita accessories such as shoes, make-up, nails and of course dresses, here we focus on another important aspect of Lolita fashion, wigs!

Common Lolita Hairstyles : Twin-Tails / Pig-Tails


Twin-tail wigs are among the cutest of all Lolita items!  Be it sweet Lolita, classic Lolita, or even punk Lolita, simply walking down the street wearing a cute styled wig draws attention, even unconsciously, by fellow passer-byers.  Styling wigs in twin-tail pony-tails or furthermore in “odango” (ox horns) can promote prominent Lolita impressions with very minimal effort.  People with short hair are often huge fans of wigs, as they can wear a variety of styles without the hassle of actually having long hair.  Alternatively for people with long hair, wigs allow for a chance to experiment with different colors, cuts and styles while preserving the health of your hair.

Wigs with bangs are another must have item!  Be it a split front, short with long sides or any other combination, having a dominant fringe on wigs creates a cute yet mature atmosphere for your outfits!  Using wigs that highlight different lengths, straight vs curls or diverse colors is a great way of accentuating depths, volume and focal points.  Using a variety of hair accessories and headbands again further promote cuteness and style.

Recommended Hairstyles for Lolita Beginners


Fluffy, wavy, curly, teased hair styled wigs are highly recommended for both beginners and advanced Lolita alike.  So let’s have a look at how to wear and successfully style your wigs.  Using nets, pins and clips can be stressful for your head and hair yet with wigs arranging fashionable creative styles are easy and stress-free. Thus once you have created a perfect ‘do’, accessorizing with headbands, bonnets, ribbons and ties are a perfect way to complete your look!  So next time you are purchasing a new wig, be sure to anticipate what type of accessories and variety of hairstyles can be achieved with your new wig.

Easy to Wear Short-Haired Bob Wigs


For those that aren’t so comfortable in long flowing fluffy, wavy wigs, here is the simple solution!  Short length Bob style wigs are simple to wear, convenient, less expensive and still very, very cute!  Another positive aspect of shorter wigs is that they don’t distract to much from other accessories so that cute ribbons, hairclips or cat ears etc. are allow to shine as prominent pieces to an ensemble rather than being foreshadowed by more conspicuous wigs.  This of course works exactly the same with elegant chokers, necklaces and earrings.  So, as previously mentioned, it is best to have a variety of wigs in which you can mix and match so that everything from shoes, to blouses to accessories all tie together harmoniously to exude an extraordinary ensemble!

Having a wig with bangs is like having sock with frills!  It’s just something that happens in the Lolita world and an item that should be in every hardcore Lolitas wardrobe.  So if wanting to portray a mature yet cute, innocent aura and atmosphere, then wigs like these are the way to go!  Popular brands BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, Angelic Pretty and Innocent World also produce sweet hair-clips, ribbons and accessories that blend perfectly with Ama-loli and Classical Lolita styles.

Arranging Wigs with Braids and Plaits


Lolita fashion and plaits / braids are like fish and water – they simply go together.  Yet when arranging natural hair into braids, so often loose strands tend to stick out and differing lengths create un-uniformed thickness and lengths.   Which is why styling your hair with a wig can create perfect fashions in a quick, easy and uniformed manner – all without fear of damaging your natural hair!

Advancing with Wigs : Coloring!


Lolita fashion having spawned out of the Harajuku street fashion scene grew to popularity due to people wanting to express themselves through fashion.  Needless to say his naturally carries over to Lolita fans wanting to express themselves through their hair.  Ama-loli and Loli-pan in particular are among the sub-cultures that often use hair as a focal point of their fashion.  Thus coloring hair, treating or teasing hair into a certain look became the norm, yet at great expense to one’s hair health and financial budgets.  Furthermore, it is often not practical completing changing one’s hair every weekend and then perhaps having to change it back again before Monday morning due to conservative work restraints.

That is where coloring and adjusts wigs come in!  Doing so allows for much more freedom of expression and also enables one to gain the skills of coloring and cutting hair as often it is not feasible to cut your own hair.  Coloring blond wigs can add to a uniformed, coordinated look with matching pastels of dresses and accessories which can create a truly unique ensemble, even when wearing a popular brand item!  This is of course not exclusive to blonds and pastel colors for sweet Lolitas, yet can be equally efficiently used with blacks, purples reds and blues for Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolitas and aristocrats alike.

So next time you happen to be strolling down Omotesandō or browsing online, be sure to pay a little extra attention to the unsung hero of the Lolita fashion industry, the humble wig!