Classical Lolita [Kura-rori] Brands That Are Available Online

Classical Lolita [Kura-rori] Brands That Are Available Online

written by kawacura

Within all styles of Lolita fashion, the calm soothing atmosphere of Classical Lolita draws many fans to its simple yet sophisticated styles. Here we introduce to you some top recommendations of famous brands and up-and-coming brands that can be purchased through mail order and online.

Royalty Among Classical Lolita : Innocent World


Pieces created by Innocent World often feature elegant silhouettes that are simple in style relying on pure charm rather than incorporating an abundance of ruffles, frill, ribbons and lace as can be found among many items within Sweet Lolita fashion. This also suppresses the feeling of the need to include panniers under all dresses and jumper skirts. With modest tones often in navy, white, brown and Bordeaux, humble yet fashionable ensembles can be easily created. The multi-lingual website along with their international EPS delivery system makes shopping online through Innocent World a breeze!


Innocent World’s designer, Yumi Fujihara,
has created a new brand of clothing
inspired by classical European designs
that embodies the ideals of elegance
and cuteness but is suitable for
young women of the modern era. The brand name Innocent World
brings to mind a simple world
without dirt or blemish. We made
this name to reflect the pure
and innocent hearts of young women
everywhere, at any age.

Adult Classical Lolita : Juliette et Justine


Juliette et Justine in a sense epitomizes all the beauty and culture of European Renaissance arts. Specializing in sophisticated chic designs, Juliette et Justine is perfectly suited to those Lolitas aiming at a slightly more mature, adult look whist still maintaining their cuteness and sense of style. Infusing kawaii motifs of angels and cats etc. with bold designs and silhouettes all whilst preserving a soft and calm atmosphere and aura have made the brand very popular within the Kura-Loli scene. Even though the average price of most items tend to be slightly higher than that of other brands, the label is extremely popular and often quickly sells out of new releases on their website. Yet fear not, as due to the premium care of craftsmanship and materials, Juliette et Justine items have a strong and long life in which pristine pieces can be purchased through various second hand retailers.

Sublime Classical Lolita : Victorian Maiden


Shopping at Victorian Maiden is as simple as a single click away! Upholding the status quo of the genre, skirts lengths are predominately modest in length, coloring, patterns at the same time sporting dainty floral impressions.   Despite only currently having stores in Osaka, their online presence is strong through their official web-shop and through various retailers. The cute charm and elegant designs of Victorian Maiden are hugely popular among sweet Lolitas aiming for a more mature, distinguished look. However due to the appeal, items often sell out rapidly via their online shop, so advance orders should be placed for new releases to prevent disappointment.

Pioneer of Korean Classical Lolita : Baroque


With the recent worldwide rise of Lolita fashion, a number of unique Indie brands have sprouted up internationally. Even with tensions as historically and currently strained as relations between Japan and Korea, the recently launched brand Baroque has become immensely popular in both Japan and abroad. This highly recommended brilliant brand features a high level of ruffles, ribbons and decorations, more so in fact than most other brands of the same genre, yet still maintain a clean atmosphere of Classical Lolita fashion. Despite the relatively small scale of operations, Baroque offers a strong SNS presence and fan base. So much so that highly popular Japanese illustrator Sakizo-san has worked together with Baroque to create a number of hot Lolita collaborations.

Baroque is aiming at achiving beatiful, elegant, and moderate glamour.
The dresses are mostly based on black and sophisticated colours with low chroma.
The goal of Baroque is to make wearable dresses that still contain lolita-flavour.

Surprisingly Easy to wear Classical Lolita Items.


In addition to the above beautiful brands, next we recommend the cute label that is Fairy Wish. Their “Pina Sweet Collection” is both cute and diverse as some items can easily be worn with Sweet Lolita styles with a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright feel to their designs.

Of late, a number of brands are promoting their wares through the clean, user friendly website “Felissimo”.   Well known for the range and diversity of fashion items available, through sites like “Felissimo” browsing and shopping for either the latest release or for that obscure item that is so hard to track down, the joy and delight of wearing Classical Lolita fashion can be enjoyed by all at any and all occasions! So do yourself a favor and try out some of the above brands today!