Galaxxxy : The Harajuku Brand That is as Fun as a Toy Box!

Galaxxxy : The Harajuku Brand That is as Fun as a Toy Box!

written by kawacura

Galaxxxy is a thriving Harajuku street fashion collaboration brand of characters and idols. Their futuristic, distinctive, colorful fashion has been attracting attention worldwide! So let’s take a look at the cute flow of Galaxxxy!

Welcome to the colorful galaxy of Galaxxxy ☆


Galaxxxy is a famous Harajuku street brand of full of futuristic views and colorful tones that combine traditional fashion features with unique sub-cultural traits.

Founded in 2007, designs have been produced by a variety of key artists including YumYumMummy! The brand is popular with the iconic fashion magazine KERA as can be often seen being modelled by the kawaii “Kimura Yu” san.

Of late the brand heavily features collaborations of fashion and anime / manga motifs. Galaxxxy has been titled as a pioneer of “geek culture” fashion and of adeptly blending Akihabura with Harajuku in a mixture of coolness and cuteness.

galaxxxy OFFICIAL
Japanese Fashion Brand
Established in 2007. galaxxxy is essentially madcap world influenced by past and future music, Anime, and comet scattered virtual world. galaxxxy is collaborating with many upcoming artists and illustrators, at the same time the team has been joined by more talents. Now galaxxxy world is ready to explode!!!!!! Stay tuned!!

Collaborated Pieces of Galaxxxy & Arale


Having previously collaborated with such iconic idol groups as Momoiro Clover Z and hit anime series Creamy Mami, Galaxxxy works with a variety of cultures and genres. Here we draw attention to the “Dr. Slump Arale-chan” T-shirt that was released with a huge impact!

While a lot of Harajuku fashion enthusiasts may be quite younger compared to the general populace, of late a nostalgic retro swagger and swing has fast becoming hip and trendy with the scene and at its helm is Galaxxxy!

The Iconic Mascot of Galaxxxy : The Cute Gala-chan


So popular is the Galaxxy brand that they even have in fact their own icon mascot! The cute and lovable dinosaur is known as Gala-chan.   Gala-chan has an entire range of T-shirts, key-charms and other accessories which with the cute designs and soft pastels colors are immensely popular! Since the Gala-chan range is unisex, many of the pieces are also very popular with men as well. Apart from the magical Galaxxxy dinosaur character, other unique fashionable motifs unrelated to Harajuku style such as bandages, sushi and monsters are often used.

Perfect Recommendation for Fans of Fairy Fashion


With such vivid pastel colors mixed with cute, fluffy, airy designs clothes and accessories from Galaxxxy are perfectly suited for fans of fairy fashion. ♡ Items abundant in cuteness and class, such as badges, pannier style skirts, headwear etc. can all be easily incorporated into a fairy coord.   Currently one of the top models of Galaxxy who is often featured in the popular fashion magazine “CUTiE” is the ever kawaii Meiria-chan who is also a part of the music duo GARNiDELiA. Matching her hair color with the outfits she models she has become a pin-up icon of the Fairy fashion industry.

Galaxxxy Shop GO!GO!


With their head office based out of Shibuya, the online store is both fun and functional. Sale items, special discount tickets and pre-order capabilities along with staff blogs and news columns make the official site comprehensive and cute! Whilst previously there was a Harajuku Laforet store, it is currently not in operation. The other two stores however how a playful pop atmosphere exterior as does the interior. So next time wandering around Shibuya or online, be sure to check out the colorful, wonderful world of Galaxxxy! ☆