Aoki Misako Observations on Charismatic Lolita’s Beautiful Skin and Make-up!

Aoki Misako Observations on Charismatic Lolita’s Beautiful Skin and Make-up!

written by kawacura

Misako Aoki-san is perhaps the most famous and popular Lolita of all time! Despite still juggling her previous job as a nurse and her busy Lolita schedule as well as her responsibilities as the official Kawaii Ambassador of Japan, she continues to impress with her style and flawless sense. Here today we take a look as how she maintains her perfect complexion as we share some of her tips on how to achieve beautiful skin with sound make-up choices.

Misako Aoki as a Person


With Lolita fashion rapidly spreading all over the world, chances are that most fans of Lolita have also come across the face, name or charm of Misako Aoki. Misako-chan who has long been highlighted by leading fashion magazines such as “KERA” and “Gothic & Lolita Bible”, is also widely known as the “Charismatic Lolita”. Perhaps this is due to her natural bedside manner as that she is actually a professional nurse, or parallelly her charm could stem from her true inner Lolita self with her sweet cute clothes, pastel pinks and heartwarming smile.   ♡

As of 2009 Aoki-san has been named as the Kawaii Ambassador yet since 2013 she has been designated as the Chairperson of the Japan Lolita Association and thus has been actively participating in tea parties and events all over the world.

The Beautiful, Flawless Complexion of Misako Aoki


Cute make-up, beautiful skin and fashionable Lolita styles: individually each is sought after, yet continually combined whilst maintaining a clear, clean complexion is altogether something else! Misako-san proudly portrays all three with her transcendent skin and in conjunction with the “Make-up association of Japan” shares some tips on how she achieves her shinning, beautiful make-up.

Misako-san has been described as having such perfect porcelain skin that she has been dubbed as a human doll with “2.5 dimensional skin”. This may sound a little weird and scary, yet is meant as a compliment in that her looks are as picturesque as a professional painting. So to be able to mimic her silky smooth skin, she shares with us a few tips and tricks.

First off, a solid stable diet with proper UV sun protective make-up, uses of a parasol and above all maintaining appropriate skin moisture but not letting your pores dry out.

Q: (Interviewer): What recommendations can you give in regards to moisturizing care?

A. (Aoki): In a word, petroleum jelly!   As someone who used to suffer from skin atrophy, Vaseline covered skin wrapped in plastic cling wrap works wonders! Thus, I was given the name “mitten-chan” since I used to sleep at nights with my hands wrapped up. Yet it is not only the hands that need attention, as the mouth, eye and glandular regions are also susceptible to dryness. Paying attention to the additives and contents of foundations and fragrances is also a must as many contain harmful drying factors which while look great tend not to be so kind to the skin. Thus if ever in doubt consult a registered nurse (like myself) or a professional dermatologist. (translated)

Misako Aoki’s Dolly Make-over Fun-day!


By its most pure of definitions Lolita fashion is that of cuteness and all things kawaii. Thus, flawless features of Lolita fashion have long been attributed to the inspiration of Victorian dolls.   Yet being able to present this impeccable façade within a breathing moving doll-like structure is what all classical, charismatic Lolitas strive for.

Misako-san seems to prefer using a soft cream foundation and powder foundation blend to achieve that translucent doll like appearance. As needless as it is to state, when aiming for a lighter skin tone than your natural color, it is best to only mildly step up in lightness rather than swing across the spectrum and ambitiously strive for an unattainable unnatural look. Furthermore, paying attention to angles as well as shading and coloring is equally important. So for more detailed information, check out the two videos below!

LOLITA DOLL makeup TUTORIAL by Japanese kawaii fashion model

Kawaii MAKEUP TUTORIAL Kimono & Lolita by Misako Aoki

Misako Aoki’s Dolly Eye & Lip Make-up


Essentials for highlighting a pure, clear face (especially when being of Japanese complexion) involves soft subtle tones of pink and brown foundations and shadowing around the eyes and checks. By using down-streaking accents from the corners of the eyes an empathetic drooping eye effect can be achieved. That combined with extended eyelashes, create an absolutely gorgeous dolly look. Misako-san has popularized this look with her “Diamond Lash” series which often appears in her “Celebrity Eye” videos. Misako-san also seems to favor a basic soft pink for her lip color, yet does broaden her palate when matching to dress hues. One of her favorite lip glosses is the “Jill Stuart” range. ♡

Wanna be Like Misako Aoki?


With all the different subtleties of genres within the Lolita world, obviously make-up trends and fashions change as well. Yet for Misako Aoki and her sweet Lolita style, the above tips and videos can provide some very helpful advice for novice Lolitas. For more information be sure to check out some more of her popular videos on YouTube or her “Kawaii Revolution” book which is jam packed with cute pictures of Misako-chan and her perfect porcelain like skin!