PUTUMAYO : The Toxically Cute Harajuku “Loli-pan” Brand

PUTUMAYO : The Toxically Cute Harajuku “Loli-pan” Brand

written by kawacura

Brand Concept of PUTUMAYO : “Cute with a Mix of Poison”



PUTUMAYO, since opening the doors of the Laforet Harajuku store in 1990 has established itself as a world leader in Lolita –Punk (Loli-pan) fashion. Throughout their quarter century history they has continued to evolve with new trends whilst maintaining a core set of values which define the brand and with which hardcore fans can identify themselves with. Producing pieces that are sometimes pop, sometimes Gothic, sometimes punk and sometimes hard to categorize, one thing for sure is that all of their pieces are exceptional all the time! Through this insightful innovation their fan base has continually steadily grown which makes one wonder and eagerly await for what PUTUMAYO will offer within the next 25 years!

PUTUMAYO blends a little bit of everything – Lolita, punk and gothic styles – to create something truly unique. Among fans they are known as a “punk Lolita” brand and we therefore categorize them as Lolita, however you will see many of their items in both our Gothic & Lolita and Rock & Punk collections.

PUTUMAYO’s lead designer conceives of the brand as “cute, but with a poisonous atmosphere”. In that sense, they embody everything that people love about Japanese street fashion in a single brand.


Celebrities Who Love PUTUMAYO



Alice of Nightmare『ハルメギド』

The diversity and uniqueness of the clothes from PUTUMAYO perfectly reflect the distinctiveness of Harajuku fashion culture. Furthermore, the style and taste of PUTUMAYO is often enthusiastically incorporated into various musical acts and celebrity fashion choices. With a deep familiarity of both pop and indie culture, PUTUMAYO products can be seen on idols such as “Alice No.10”, musical groups such as “Steam Girls” and even in anime through the artist of “Pretty Cure” Ikeda Aya. Thus PUTUMAYO has been officially dubbed as being “professionally cute”.

PUTUMAYO to play a part of “Cool Japan”



PUTUMAYO has worked on a number of collaborations with many various individuals and corporations such hit anime “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” & “TALES OF SYMPHONIA”. Other successful collaborations include a three-way alliance between PUTUMAYO X Kiki & Lala X Care Bears.  So it stands to reason that saying that ‘PUTUMAYO could be a leader of “Cool Japan”’ would not be an exaggeration.

The five major characters of the cast of “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” are all wonderfully styled in a very PUTUMAYO themed sense with checks, strips and powerful colors. Thus we designed a reproduction image of each characters coordinated look. Working on the images a common premise of a Cross and feathers runs throughout the range. To check out the official “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” website, click here.


Not just cute! PUTUMAYO items are also charming!



At the official PUTUMAYO blog pages, regular updates on new releases, advice on coordinating pieces and beautiful photos can be enjoyed easily and are unique to each branch store – so that the charm of the Harajuku store differs characteristically from the charm of the Osaka store!

Just as is with beauty, cuteness is also in the eye of the beholder! To some what may be cute may be gross to others, furthermore, what disgusts some, delights others. So it is with this mindset that PUTUMAYO creates their masterpieces of fabrics, colors, patterns and motifs all within the “toxically cute” mission statement. Which is why despite whether a certain piece aligns with your specific tastes, there is still an undoubtable universally unique charm to all of PUTUMAYO creations! This is the essential core of what makes PUTUMAYO one of the best examples of the diversity and depth of “Harajuku fashion” and the first place one should look if interested in becoming involved with Japanese street fashion.

All of the Latest Information Regarding PUTUMAYO



Along with regularly checking the official PUTUMAYO blog posts, their TWITTER account is also an excellent way to stay up to date with all the latest press releases. Due to the re-twitter feature of the SNS, it is the fastest and easiest way to see daily trends and coordinated looks of models, idols, celebrities, staff and fans. Thus, if ever in doubt on what to where for the day, a quick check of the PUTUMAYO twitter account will alleviate all of your concerns! ☆彡 Additionally, for those that have ease of access, simply popping into any of their flagship stores or satellite branches and chatting with the ever accommodating and helpful staff will provide a plethora of insightful and innovative information of how to perfect your style! So all in all, PUTUMAYO is the brand that can be enjoyed simply and effortlessly!