Osaka’s SteamPunk Expo!

Osaka’s SteamPunk Expo!

written by kawacura

For all you Steampunk enthusiasts and lovers of Jules Verne and H.G Wells and the like it’s time to hold onto your welding googles, because opening shortly for but the briefest of time at the Osaka Hanshin Umeda store the venerated Osaka Steampunk Expo will be held! That’s right, steampunk in downtown Osaka! This is truly an irresistible event and celebration that all fans should not miss out on!

The Fascinating Oddities of the Steampunk Expo


With special guests “Strange Artifact” (Strange artifact is a Tokyo, Japan-based “Steampunk Rock” unit consisting of vocalist MaRy and bassist/composer 130JET) presiding at the event the expo is sure to be a grand event! Packed full of various illustrators, writers, fashion designers, object/accessory designers, engineers and makers – the expo is sated with unique booths all with a distinct identity and style.

First held in 2014, the two day event enamored over 2000 visitors yet projected turnouts estimate a major increase in attendance so make sure to be the early worm to be the first in first served at this fascinating futuristic fusion event!






A look at the 2014 event ↓↓

As for the Fascinating Oddities…


While in English the term Steampunk is fairly commonly understood, in cosplay loving Japan unbelievably the term is not so widespread. Thus in Japanese whilst it is usually referred to in its phonetic writing asスチームパンク (steampunk) it has also been translated as蒸気+奇想天外=蒸奇 (Steam + bizarre/odd = 蒸奇 hence蒸奇 = Steampunk.

Historically the industrial revolution is thought of as beginning in western civilizations yet at the same period the Meiji era was undergoing significant changes. Thus it was through this inspiration that Strange Artifact’s 130Jet-san coined the term 蒸奇 (Jyouki) as a kanji expression of steampunk. (Translated)

Event Information

Date:     August 15 (Sat) & August 16 (Sun) 2015

Time:     15th (Sat) 10:00 – 20:00

16th (Sun) 10:00 – 17:00

Venue:   Hanshin Umeda Head Office 11F Green Room.

North Ward, Umeda, Osaka 1 Chome 13 Ban.


This is sure to be a fantastic event so make sure to not miss out!