Kawaii Brands That Dreams Are Made Of!

Kawaii Brands That Dreams Are Made Of!

written by kawacura

With the depth of Harajuku fashion so expansive and with so many subtle variations and sub-categories of Lolita fashion it is often hard to correctly distinguish a proper look to a referable name, yet that is essentially the beauty of fashion! Since if it looks good and provokes thoughts and emotions, then it does not need to be categorized!

Therefore, in this article we introduce to you, a few brand labels that can be used within a variety of fashions; be it pastel, fairy, goth, sweet, hime, punk or even banchya!
So what is the common element threading all these genres and potential brand labels together, you may be asking, well it is the pure, unadulterated sincerity of the designs which inspires dreams and stimulates imaginations! All of the brands listed below have that vivid essence which arouses innocent flutters within the hearts and minds of young girls and mature women alike.
For surely no matter who or where you are from, at least one point in our waking or dreaming lives, we have all wondered what it would be like to be a princess! ♡

Cute Dreams of Dreaming Cuteness



The Japanese language traditionally does not have as many adjectives as Latin based languages. That said however, the Japanese language is rich in onomatopoetic expressions. So common are these expressions in fact that there are terms used to describe almost any and every material and texture! Hence the term “fuwa-fuwa” is often used within Lolita fashion to describe a light, airy feel much like that of cotton candy / fairy floss. Therefore, often designers will create pieces with the concept of “fuwa-fuwa” as a base of inspiration. This is especially true when designing fairy-tale styled pieces opulent with motifs of unicorns, clouds, stars, candy, ribbons and animals etc all used to create a unique world that is as soft and sweet as a dream. So let’s continue on to look at some brands that dream of cuteness that can fulfil your cute dreams!

A Leader of Cute Dreams : Nile Perch



First of all brands to be introduced has to be Nile Perch! The brand perfectly personifies the cuteness of an innocent young girls dreams into tangible fashion. As can be seen with their in store layout, the concept of Nile Perch is like that of a child’s toy box. Full of fun and wonder all wrapped up in cute colors and elegant materials to create a magical atmosphere in which clothes, illustrations, decorations and accessories all seem to be enhanced by the spirit of a fashion fairy!

Furthering the Cuteness of Harajuku : Milklim



Founded in Osu Nagoya, Milklim (Milk Cream) recently relocated their head office and opened a new flagship store in the Capital of Cute – The Holy Land of Harajuku in April of 2015. With the theme of fluffy, airy, fairy, fancy fashion Milklim produces pieces that are quintessentially cute and are without a doubt what dreams are made of! Apart from dresses, jumper skirts and tops, their range of kawaii accessories which include divine tiaras, cloaks, bags and footwear are also all must have items! So if in the mood for some pretty pastels or princess pieces then be sure to check Milklim today!

An Individuals Dream of Cuteness : Qun.to(キュント)



Qun.to(キュント)whilst not as recognized as many other brands Qun.to certainly holds its own in regards to cuteness! Despite not being a Japanese company, the brand is indeed a Harajuku fashion label and a select shop with original goods that exports globally (even to Japan!)

Above all, their starry designs and sailor suit styles studded with cute motifs in a range of splendid materials make their pieces truly irresistible, almost as if they had jumped right of the pages of a classic illustrated storybook! So if trying to lure that elusive Prince Charming, then arm yourself with Qun.to!

Dreamily Cute Pants from sakura1tama(サクライチタマ)



Last on this list of cute brands is another new comer to the game is sakura1tama(サクライチタマ.) This is another shop with ties to Osu, Nagoya yet through their online shop and easy of payment at local convenience stores, they have grown into a very popular brand. With a strong brand image, the diversity of products is impressive! Ranging from pretty one-pieces to adorable accessories, their pumpkin-pants have fast become an unsung hero! Through their unique decorative designs and charm, it is easy to create a picture perfect look from head to toe, all within the sakura1tama range.


So if feeling the need to lighten up your wardrobe with a little dream like fashion, be sure to check out some of these fantastic fashion labels today! Enjoy!