Super Cute Nighties Inspired By   『Villainous』  Fairytale Characters

Super Cute Nighties Inspired By 『Villainous』 Fairytale Characters

written by kawacura

For those who love fairytale characters, both the protagonist princesses and the unpopular antagonistic villains, and the imagery of sweeping airy fashion that is so often portrayed in the storybooks, here we have a treat for you! In conjunction with Felissimo a new range of comfortable, cute night-gowns has been released under the label of “Sukiyaki”. Whilst designed as loose fitting house wear and nighties, these adorable pieces can easily be adapted into everyday fashion or transformed into this year’s hit Halloween costume!

The Black Cat : The Independent Spirit with an Air of Mischief ~


The black cat has long held sinister and mysterious connotations with the ethereal world, yet it is also very popular at the same time. The pointed chest areas of this dress are designed to mimic the sultriness of a cat’s ear line, along with the passionate deep crimson ribbon lacing on the front make this night gown almost too divine to simply be worn to bed! ♪

Price (excluding tax) : 7,400 yen

The Vampire / Vampyres : Dainty Nobility with a Flair of Impiety ~


Here it is! The ultimate in evil, sinister characters, the immortal Vampire! In this design the winged bat shaped collar and subtle burgundy (blood?) coloring finish in a simple yet intrinsically pleasing gown. Surely this is the type of thing that stirs uncontrollable urges to simply sink your teeth into, right?

Price (excluding tax) : 7,400 yen

The Witch : A Tea Party of the Witching Hour ~


With so often the “bad guy” of a fairytale being a witch, how could there not be an enchanting dress fit for a sorceress within this series? Yet despite common images of a “wicked witch” this gown conjures up positives feelings of a good fairy godmother style of witch. The humble, modest coloring, dainty lace neckline and sleeves with an elasticized midriff make for a cute, timeless classic!

Price (excluding tax) : 7,900 yen


The Lone Wolf : A Gentle Embrace ~


With the inspiration for this gown stemming from Little Red Riding Hood, the elegance and class of this nightie certainly much cutie than the images of granny or the wolf dressed up as the old maid. The ruffled sleeves, distinct neckline, shirring flow and pristine coloring of this piece eloquently unite into another subtle yet stunning gown.

Price (excluding tax) : 7,900 yen

Advanced Ordering / Pre-Sale Reservations.

Advance reservations are available until the 12th of August, 2015 via the official website:

As an added incentive for pre-sale reservations, those which book before the above date are rewarded with a limited edition clear file of Sakizo-san’s illustrations, so be sure not to miss out on this fantastic offer and unique kawaii gowns!