「Love Me Tender」 From Bangkok is Heart-Wrenchingly Cute!

「Love Me Tender」 From Bangkok is Heart-Wrenchingly Cute!

written by kawacura

Founded in 2011 out of Bangkok Thailand, the cute, girlish fashion brand of “Love me Tender” has since been garnering an impressive amount of popularity worldwide, and deservedly so! Cherishing and accentuating vivid colors and intense fabrics, the stunning pieces produced present a flamboyant yet subtle sense of girly fashion and style. So for those that enjoy a little flair to their fashion, this truly is a brand that you must have!

The World of “Love Me Tender”



If having to sum up the entirety of Love Me Tender in but a single word, it would undoubtedly be “girly” or “pop!”   The vibrant and lively use of colors mixed with a myriad of materials and patterns make for a perfection concoction of heart fluttering, uplifting fashion! This youthful exuberance of spirit in fashion also converges with more subtle mature designs which make the brand popular among a variety of demographics.

The “Love Me Tender” Range



Despite the extensiveness of the range of products produced by Love Me Tender, the care and attention to detail which is prevalent in each and every one of their items is unmistakably profound! From petite pretty accessories to the elaborate decorative dress and all the T-shirts, jackets, skirts and what not in between, the level of commitment and dedication to the quality of the brand is something that is often found wanting these days – yet not for Love Me Tender. So if you ever happen to see their pieces or are eager to do so, please be sure to pay full attention to the quality of Kawaii that defines this brand!