Kira Imai’s Lolita Works Are SOOOO Kawaii!!  ♪

Kira Imai’s Lolita Works Are SOOOO Kawaii!! ♪

written by kawacura

The self-confessed fan of Lolita fashion (in particular “Sweet Lolita” fashion), iconic illustrator Kira Imai has recently released some new artworks which have been quickly garnering popularity and support. Often noted for perfectly portraying the ideal “Sweet Lolita”, in this latest release, Imai-san conveys a more regal angelic image for the official collaboration with one of the most famous of Lolita brands, Angelic Pretty.

Within this beautifully heart wrenching collection, the kawaii-ness is so cute that it could melt even the coldest of hearts with its loving charm!

Imai Kira’s Illustrations


Imai Kira’s illustrations are nothing short of pure cuteness! A first impression may be that of “Oh Lolita” yet there is in fact so much more going on behind the initial surface aspects of the pictures. Delicate, unique clothes and tender facial expressions all wrapped up in a beautiful calming aura of sweet backgrounds make the artworks, truly endearing and a definitive representation of the world of Lolita fashion.

Not Only Sweet Yet Also Classical and Gothic!


One of the most leading and respected attributes of Imai Kira-san is that she is able to capture delicate lighting within a spectrum of pastels with her pieces. Another key element is her impeccable capability to represent subtle facial expressions and personalities which stand out from the elusive pastel backgrounds that give her work true depth and emotive attraction.

Symbiotic Collaborations

kira3 kira4

Having successfully produced collaborative items with such iconic brands as Angelic Pretty & Lumiebre, the depth and breadth of Imai-san’s designs and vision appear to be limitless! Utilizing her intricate and delicate art background, it seems that there is nothing that Imai-san cannot lend her hand to! Be it canvas or cloth, no matter the material – manmade or metal even – Imai Kira san’s unique worldview shines through, which results in an indisputably beautiful and attractive finish!