The Collaborative Range of UNIQLO & D[di:] are Fascinating!

The Collaborative Range of UNIQLO & D[di:] are Fascinating!

written by kawacura

D [di:] san is a Hokkaido born female artist who has also worked as a fashion model yet recently has been working on paintings, illustrations and even cartoons! Having developed numerous techniques at the (Bijitsu Daigaku) College of Art, D [di:] san has also worked in such multi-diverse fields of music and literary novels, proving that she truly is a maestro of art!

UNIQLO Brand “UT” & D [di:] san Collaborative T-shirts are So Cute!


The collaboration of D [di:] and UNIQLO’s unique T-Shirt brand “UT” have produced a range uber cute T-shirts that make one fall in love at first sight!

Kawaii animal motifs over soft pastel colors offer just the right amount of subtlety and distinction to result in a friendly warm impression. The soft gentle touch of the designs whilst still having realistic images are fun and cute for all!

Healing Colors & Motifs Promote Positive Feelings!


These cute T-Shirts are no on sale nationwide at all UNIQLO stores. The popularity of cute and fluffy domestic animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits as well as bears and alpacas appear to be the inspiration behind the series. For kids, it seems that not only the children themselves love the T-Shirts yet perhaps even more so are their mothers, grandmothers and anyone else who sees them!

So, please if looking for that special something for yourself or a loved one, be sure to check out your closest UNIQLO store today!