Burideko!  The Fashion Event That Inspires Passions to Party Long After the Initial Event!

Burideko! The Fashion Event That Inspires Passions to Party Long After the Initial Event!

written by kawacura

For those in the know, the 21st of September has been a long sought out event! For those only new to the scene, it is the start of a new face of kawaii features and faces that are the latest to represent the elegant and esteemed facet of Japanese Harajuku fashion and fandom that make up the dazzling “Brilliant Star – Burideko Fashion Extravaganza”!

That said, September 22, also marks another (perhaps even more special and secretive) event! The Exclusive After Tea Party of the Burideko Event! Held at the prestigious Harajuku-sur-Seine Museum café this after event is certainly something that no Lolita or Lolita fan would dare miss out on!!

Burideko! Being but a bi-annual event, means that there are many advance bookings and fans wishing upon the event – to meet, greet and formalize fashion ties! Thus if wanting to attend a unique gathering of like-minded serious fashion enthusiasts then this is the place for you! So read on for details!


Due to the specialness of the occasion a special “off the menu” treat has been prepared in which candy, cakes and other unique delights can be enjoyed!


For those that love sweetness beyond anything else, here is the opportunity to indulge in something even sweeter than the deserts themselves! At this exclusive event, the hosts of Burideko themselves Babi & Kaie may be in attendance and open for conversation and photographs!


Event Information

  • Titled Event: The Yellowtail Deco After tea party
  • Event Date: September 22, 2015
  • Time of Event: 15.00 to 17.00
  • Location: Jardin de-sur-Seine
  • Participation Fee: ¥ 3000 (Includes a gem princess-themed all-you-can-drink original sweets and tea)
  • Eligibility: All who participated in the Burideko 9 event.
  • NB. Special privilage will awarded to other esteemed Fashion enthusiasts who couldn’t make the event upon request.
  • Participation on How to apply: Click Here : 申し込みフォームはこちら

Hope to see you all there for this great event!

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