The Soft Subtle Atmosphere that is Ank Rouge ☆

The Soft Subtle Atmosphere that is Ank Rouge ☆

written by kawacura

For fans of fashion and all things cute, this is the brand for you!! Ank Rouge is a label that absolutely personifies kawaii! Be it their delicate, delectable dresses, tasteful tops, charming bottoms, or endearing accessories, there is something for everyone, so be sure to find that perfect piece that you long been searching for, here at Ank Rouge!

The Director of the Designs.

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The designer, face and brains behind the cute and adorable items presented here in this article is Rie Matsuoka. Having being active and very popular as a reader model of fashion magazines such as “Popteen” she is also recognized within the talent industry.

The naming of her brand Ank Rouge is a summation of Uplifting Love and Happiness! Apparently inspired by the ancient Egyptian symbol “Ankh” which represents “life” (the breath of life, eternal life, etc.) and the French word of Rouge, meaning “Red”.

The Designs of the Director


This exquisite one piece dress features an innocent round collar set against a creamy soft pastel pink and cream background highlighted by romantic flowers with an elegant lace trim topped with a stylish black trim and ribbon on the chest. To be summed up in but two words, this dress is Unbearably Cute!


These short pants which feature orange and dark pink roses against a lighter pink background can be used as undershorts to give extra volume to skirts or dress or stand alone with a subtle white blouse to accentuate cuteness and femininity!


With subtle emphasis on lace and ribbons, this soft and gentle pink ribbed top is absolutely adorable!! ♪

IF these soul soothing items and delightful designs are to your taste and would like to incorporate them into your sweet or elegant Lolita wardrobe, then be sure to visit the official Ank Rouge website or one of their dozen stores nationwide for more information!