The Kawaii Goods and Shoes of “BUBBLES” – So Cute ♪

The Kawaii Goods and Shoes of “BUBBLES” – So Cute ♪

written by kawacura

The unique items and cuteness is something that virtually all dedicated Harajuku girls are aware of, yet here today we introduce to those not familiar with “BUBBLES” the kawaii inspirations of this exceptional brand.

Another charming aspect of “BUBBLES” is that they will often release New Arrival Items regardless of the time of year or season, which makes for a fun shopping experience whenever entering the store or browsing online! So without any further ado, here are a few of our favorite accessories and top recommendations.  ☆

Miscellaneous Items & Accessories


These “DAMIANI” gorgeous and glamorous earrings feature white and brown diamonds, pearls and smoky quartz all set against enchanting pink gold. ♪ The soft and subtle color shades of these delightful earrings intrinsically highlight your face, yet unfortunately will also lighten your wallet quite substantially, for more information on the price (which happens to be over a million yen!) and shipping details, Click the link below the picture.


The pastel blue and pink sequins used in this mobile phone case, can transform your standard ordinary phone into something cute even to be featured in a Disney Fairytale! With 8 different color and style variations in the series, you is possible to have a new look and feel each day of the week!

Features of BUBBLES High-Tech Sneakers


With their carefully calculated height, heel length and volume promote a look of slender, elegant feminine silhouette of the legs. With the black soles and round-ish toe line covered in tartan, these sneakers have huge fashion sense!

So if a fan of some of these exquisite designs, then be sure to check out one of their stores in Harajuku or Shibuya or their official online page.