Love at First Sight ♪ Items of “RoseMarie seoir”

Love at First Sight ♪ Items of “RoseMarie seoir”

written by kawacura

For all you fans of Lolita Fashion, are you familiar with the delightfully girly brand “RoseMarie seoir”? With original designs of cute clothes and kawaii accessories the brand is popular domestically and even internationally of late. ♪

The Atmosphere of the Shop & Contents.



Set against a backdrop of pastel pinks and reds, the new Harajuku Laforet store has a very warming and girly feel to it! ♪

Glitter Accessories ☆


These gold hoop earring feature a cute Unicorn attached to a large vibrant heart. Wearing these cute earring also give of a sophisticated adult atmosphere! ♪

Romantic Rings


The subtly and cute romantic tone of these one-point heart rings are undeniably gorgeous and an excellent choice for slightly decorating your hands. ♪

Stylish Necklaces


This lovely innocent ivory and imitation pearl “Angel Necklace” features intricate golden ornaments on the sides and back with a centered angel with wings outstretched.

Length: about 51.5cm (inner adjuster 5.5cm)


For more information and on these lovely items or more store addresses and online shopping be sure to visit the official RoseMarie seoir website.