Our Top 5 Recommended Online Sites for Shopping for Harajuku Fashion at Home!

Our Top 5 Recommended Online Sites for Shopping for Harajuku Fashion at Home!

written by kawacura

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I love Lolita Fashion and want to buy new pieces, but I don’t have the time or energy to trek out to Harajuku to bother to do it!” Moreover, perhaps it is not geographically possible to frequently visit Harajuku to get your Lolita fix.

If either of these or any other like reason applies to you, then definitely read on below to find out our top 5 recommendations for shopping online via mail order for Harajuku Fashion items!

Royalty Amongst Gothic & Lolita Websites : KERASHOP



KERASHOP is the official online mail order web-store of KERA magazine, one of the most trusted purveyors and representatives of Harajuku Fashion.   The other major branded magazine within the Lolita culture is of course, the famous “Gothic & Lolita Bible” can also be purchased through the official KERASHOP. So if ever in need of some refined information on Lolita, these two magazines and KERASHOP are the first places you should look! Both of these two magazines are so amazing and full of refined Lolita information that once viewed it is a “can’t-put-down” read! Within the web-store is a search function that allows you can search for certain reader models and equally thus the clothes worn by such models etc.



Limited items offered through KERASHOP are too cute! The doll and human sized matching costumes can only be purchased through the official KERASHOP website, yet only for a limited time so be sure to not miss out!

Connoisseurs of Color – 6%DOKIDOKI WEB SHOP



If after a powerfully vibrant item full of exuberant colors and “POP!” then 6%DOKIDOKI WEB SHOP is where you need to be! In further addition, this year celebrates the 20th year anniversary of this highly popular brand produced by groundbreaking fashion celebrity, Sebastian Masuda. ☆

Yet despite the depth and length of the brands history, 6%DOKIDOKI still remains as a sensationally cute leader of Harajuku fashion and known throughout the world! Examples of this can be seen through their unique decorative badges, hair clips and other small kawaii accessories. Simply by wearing a single piece from 6%DOKIDOKI your entire ensemble can lift and brighten in vibrancy and positivity! More-over since there are no quantity limits combined with a simple international shipping system, fans abroad are also loving this delightful, true, Harajuku brand!

Sensational “Kawaii” store in HARAJUKU since 1995.
6%DOKIDOKI will send you on a happy rebellion into the depths of all that is *kawaii*.
Come discover girl-culture from the center of Harajuku. Crazy fun, crazy colors and crazy love will tempt you to reach out for all that is original: accessories, clothes, show-stage, talk and objects that will stir your imagination and make your heart beat for 6%DOKIDOKI.


The “Puchi-pura” (Bargain) Harajuku Fashion Shop “Decorative” Deserves Full Attention!



When shopping for Harajuku fashion, the diversity and cute appeal of each and every facet can often be a little overwhelming and addictively fun! Thus it is hard to return from a shopping trip to Harajuku without an empty wallet and maxed out credit cards! That said, stores like “Decorative” offer high quality, low cost Harajuku fashion items that can easily be purchased in bulk without braking the piggy bank!

The “Decorative” economically efficient lineup includes not on clothes yet also bags, shoes, socks and a full range of various accessories which means that a total, entire outfit can be frugally and inexpensively bought with ease! Furthermore, since the online web-store has such an easy to navigate feel to it, the ability to build and complete a perfect collaboration of fashion could never be easier.

Another key aspect of “Decorative” is the members reward program in which upon registration, the majority of purchases earn 1 point per 100 yen spent, this includes new release items which means it is very easy to quickly accumulate points – making this truly a highly valuable for money, cost / performance brand!

With some of the best prices of Harajuku fashion items in the industry, those wanting a pop feeling of cute prints, styles and designs – look no further than “Decorative”.

More than just a clothes distributor, “Decorative” also produces an original variety of cute, girly accessories, bags and shoes.


“milklim” ♡ The Harajuku Brand That is as Sweet As Sugar!



With the numerous previously unknown subtle variations of Harajuku street fashion sub-cultures recently becoming more and more mainstream, genres like fairy fashion and sweet Lolita etc., are so popular that there are an abundance of stores and brands dedicated directly towards such fashion. That said, if looking for sweet, pastel or fairy fashion items then the first place to look has undoubtedly got to be “milklim”!

The official milklim website also expresses the same fun and cute pastel pink color as does so much of their kawaii designs. Despite being only available in Japanese, the site is still easy to use and often offers special bargain sale deals, such as the current “spend over 5000 yen to receive free (domestic – not international) shipping”

The items from “milklim” are so universally cute that even first beginners to the fashion and can easily be coordinated with other fashions and brands. So if the lightness and fluffiness of this brand allures and inspires you, then check out the official milklim website.

Each week a coordinated look and featured item are promoted on the website. So be sure to check in often as the official Blog and Twitter pages are updated regularly with new articles and fashion snaps!


“A.D.G” : The Harajuku Used Clothes Fashion Super Store



Fashion being fashion, means that trends often come and go and then come again! So it is with this concept that the used clothing store “A.D.G” has become so popular and expansive in its range. Be it retro sports mixes, cute nostalgic cartoon characters, old school hip-hop, vintage denim, leather and rock styles or even fresh new pieces “A.D.G” has it all! The products carried are all in excellent condition and reasonably priced. The range of items for both men and women are so inexhaustible that you are sure to be able to find that one specific piece to complete a certain look or if not to completely fill your wardrobe (and many others too)! So if looking for a little something out of the ordinary yet close to the heart, be sure to check out “A.D.G” today!

“TOKYO Free style”

Not fit into the mold,
Hate the definition,
Do not flatter,
Freedom like that “Tokyo Style”




Hopefully some of this article on Harajuku fashion online shopping sites have provided some new and previously unknown sites to purchasing your favorite fashion styles. If you have any other recommended shopping sites, then please leave details in the comments section below!