Kawacura’s Recommended Most Popular Gothic Lolita Brands

Kawacura’s Recommended Most Popular Gothic Lolita Brands

written by kawacura

For those interested in Goth-Loli fashion yet not proficient enough to wear the fashion, here we introduce a few of the most popular, enchanting, elegant and provoking brands that are leading the Gothic Lolita fashion industry. ☆

Popular Gothic Lolita Brands ① : alice auaa



Alice auaa’s founding designer Funakoshi Yasutaka-san first endeavor began in 1993, yet it wasn’t until 1997 that alice auaa truly came into being.   The emotionally decadent designs and elegance with a twist of intellectual eroticism was the initial spark that ignited the flair of popularity and which maintains the flame of fans. Using an array of fabrics and materials, unique silhouettes and shapes, all of the pieces produced by alice auaa have a unique and beautiful aesthetic. So for those who are unfamiliar with the beauty of alice auaa, or even those who are, be sure to check out their official website regularly to see the latest updates, blog and new release items!

Popular Gothic Lolita Brands ② : Moi-même-Moitié



Moi-même-Moitié is a Goth-Loli fashion brand spawned from Mana, the co-founder and former guitarist of the Visual Kei band Malice Mizer and founder and lead guitarist of Moi Dix Mois. Founded in 1999 the brand promotes Elegant Gothic Lolita aesthetics, which incorporates the innocence and cuteness of Lolita fashion with the shadowy and cryptic Gothic fashion along with elegance of Aristocrat fashion.

The brand name is a hybrid of the French words “moi-même” (myself) and “moitié” (half), although the term “moi-même-moitié” has no meaning in French. It could be interpreted as “my own part” or “my own space” or even “my alter ego”.

Moi-même-Moitié pieces often feature the label’s logo of a candle stick, which frequently appears as a characteristic motif on embroidery, buttons, lace, jewellery and accessories. Other commonly used themes include are crosses, roses, castles and bat wings etc. Color spectrums generally involve the darker side of shades of blue, purple, reds and of course black.

Moi-meme-Moitie is the fashion label at the epicenter of Japan’s elegant gothic lolita/aristocrat fashion scene, directed by former Malice Mizer and current Moi dix Mois frontman Mana.


Popular Gothic Lolita Brands ③ : ATELIER BOZ



Founded in 1995 by Bunka Fashion College graduate, designer Takashi Shibata, Atelier Boz is still going strong even after 20 years! Focusing on classic European gothic & aristocrat fashion all Boz items promote a beautiful, chic look that can be worn and admired in a variety of situations and scenarios. So much so that the brand’s designs were heavily featured in the hit manga series Black Butler.  So popular and successful has Atelier Boz become that the sister label of LAPIN AGILL has also become equally famous and proliferate within the Harajuku fashion scene. So as with the above three brands, be sure to check out the official website.

Popular Gothic Lolita Brands ④ : MIHO MATSUDA



The brand that is MIHO MATSUDA was created from the Osaka born designer of the same name. With common elements of a romantic girly style that incorporates touches of Rococo / Baroque fashion the designs are both sophisticated and exquisite! Customary components of MIHO MATSUDA often feature simple sleek designs with subtle lace or frill accents. So refined and revered are the creations of MIHO MATSUDA that they have even collaborated on the iconic designs of the internationally popular game “Devil May Cry”.

Matching Cosmetics / Make-up with Popular Gothic Lolita Brands



With the various depths and varieties of labels that make up the Goth-Loli fashion industry, it is often hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd without being too indifferent to genre trends that you adversely don’t fit in.

This is where the subtly of custom designed makeup and individualistic styling comes into play. Of course, when wanting a typical “gothic look” a sharp definition between bright whites and dark, shadowy blacks are desired …

That said however, there is also so much more style, sense and imagination that can be incorporated into your personalized unique look. For example, varies of depth and contour blended with subtleties of color further highlighted by boldness of texture, intensity and degree create a truly three dimensional look, or if done properly a mind-warping 4D or 5D experience!!



So if wanting to learn more about these valuable fashion tips then be sure to review the plethora of other articles that we have on the subject or alternately study some of the make-up styles of your favorite Visual Kei bands! Otherwise, if inclined please leave a comment below to share your own tips and advice on how to sincerely enjoy Goth-Loli fashion!