The Widely Acclaimed Gothic & Lolita Fashion Show “Brilliant Star ☆ Decoration’s”

The Widely Acclaimed Gothic & Lolita Fashion Show “Brilliant Star ☆ Decoration’s”

written by kawacura

Burideko : The Brilliant Stars Decoration’s Event

The Brilliant Star Decorations’, colloquially and lovingly known as “Burideko”, latest event will take place on the 21st of September 2015. Generally held bi-annually, the event is a hugely popular, widely acclaimed presentation of the latest trends, styles and inspirations of many prolific and prominent Gothic and Lolita designer brands.

That said, invited brands are requested to create pieces to match within a common theme / dream. Therefore, this years’ inspirational subject of style was “Angel Girls” for the Spring edition and sub sequentially “Jewel Princess” for the upcoming Autumn event.

The Event in Theory

Gothic regardless of fashion, refers to a period of medieval European culture that is largely defined by architecture and art. Yet it is through this art aspect of the term that the fashion and lifestyle musings of Goth has immerged. Therefore, true gothic styles incorporate more than just simple black shading and sinister appeal, yet are more informative with their historical, cultural customs, ideals and beliefs.

Burideko” is a perfect example of this! By elegantly creating common themes, the event inspires a shared, mutual cause of creativeness that holds true to the original inspiration of the fashion genre.

So if like so many others, you have a special interest in the fashion or are intrigued by the era / period of time in history, then be sure to attend the event!!

The Event in Reality


The main attraction of the “Burideko” event is that it truly does hold true to its core principles! With each bi-annual production there is a common thread of community by all designers, and a united spirit of attendees!

Yet despite the fantastic light, music and incredible fashion show, another key highlight of the event is the unique (and often independent / minor) fashion / accessory booths that surround the event promoting their wares. It is here that, oh so often, the next up-and-coming rising star of the fashion world can be seen before the hype and commercialism kick in!!!! So be sure to take your time, feel with your heart and perhaps save your bank account a fortune by investing before the masses!

Additionally, the event is hosted by top fashion designers with their latest pieces modelled by the hottest and most popular celebrity idols of the Gothic & Lolita Fashion Industry.   Therefore!! ~ It is also possible to catch a polite selfie photo with your favorite fashion icon if done with restrained, respectable requests.

The event takes place over a daytime matinee and an evening nighttime session so if in the mood and truly enthusiastic, we highly recommend attending both shows, to garner a veritable feel of the whole event. For as natural as the shift of sun and moon, tides and winds, the soft and subtle atmosphere of the event elegantly adjusts with the metamorphose of time.

Event Details


(Monday)The 21st of September 2015.


Lobby Opening : 12:00 Main Hall Opening : 12:30 Curtain Opening : 13:00


Lobby Opening: 16:00 Main Hall Opening: 17:30 Curtain Opening : 18:00


Shinjuku ReNY

2F of the Island Hall Building, 6-5-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo-Nishi 〒160-0023


For more detailed information, please visit the official site of and we hope  to see you there at this extraordinary event!!