Hello Kitty Cafe at Shibuya Parco, Serves Hot Apple Pie, and Christmas Tree Parfait

Hello Kitty Cafe at Shibuya Parco, Serves Hot Apple Pie, and Christmas Tree Parfait

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Hello kitty’s hot apple pie on an iron plate☆ comes with a bonus mug JPY 1,580 excluding tax

Hello Kitty cafe has opened from Nov. 14th (Fri) until Dec. 25th (Thurs), 2014, at “THE GUEST cafe&diner” in Shibuya Parco. This 5th collaborated plan follows the success and popularity of former projects, “KiKi and LaLa cafe”, “My melody cafe”, “Funassyi cafe” and “How do you like Wedensday? cafe”, which were all so popular that there were always lines outside for days in a row from the first day.

The cafe serves an original menu using Hello Kitty as the subject to excite guests. The menu of sweets, food and drinks has a Christmas theme.

Christmas latte(HOT or ICE) JPY 650 excluding tax

Hello Kitty’s Christmas Tree Parfait JPY 1,080 excluding tax

Among them, the most remarkable dish is ‘Hello kitty’s hot apple pie on an iron plate☆comes with a bonus mug☆’. The pie crust with a cute raspberry ribbon has a characteristic crispy texture, with which you can enjoy a delightful contrast with the juicy simmered apple under the crust.

You might hesitate to eat ‘Hello Kitty’s Christmas Tree Parfait’ because of its prettiness which is coated with fluffy cotton candy and filled with almond pudding and strawberry jelly. The cheese mousse cake named “Happy Magic Mousse: Merry Christmas from Hello Kitty” is also super cute!

Happy Magic Mousse: Merry Christmas’ from Hello Kitty JPY 1,280 excluding tax.

Hello Kitty Cocoa: Version of Clara (HOT or ICE) JPY 750 excluding tax.

The food menu has been enhanced, as you can see, so that the sandwich reflects the image of Kitty carrying gifts in her arms and the roast chicken comes with a balloon.

The items don’t only look good, but they are also chosen as strong preferences for certain tastes and flavors. As for the drinks menu, Kitty’s face is drawn on a “Christmas latte” and an original glass of wine is topped with sherbet jelly shaped like Kitty.

Furthermore, the menu is in collaboration with the movie ‘The Nutcracker’ that will begin showing on Nov. 29th (Sun), 2014, which will appear in the cafe soon. We can’t miss the delicious hamburger steak, cocoa and specialty cake which was designed to represent Clara who is the heroine of this movie.

There is also a take away menu with special cakes which are only available at this café and include limited edition merchandise such as the “memo and the mirror” which looks like a lollipop, along with many other goods. Furthermore, there is a photo booth where ceremonial photographs with Kitty can be taken at the stores front. Imagine visiting this unique café where you can experience Hello Kitty’s story!

This lovely little cake is only available at the Hello kitty cafe at JPY 300 (per each) excluding tax.

‘The Hello Kitty Cafe’ at THE GUEST café & diner

  • Site:THE GUEST café & diner (Shibuya Parco Part1・7F)
  • Term:2014/11/14(Fri) – 2014/12/25(Thurs)
  • Open: 11:00 / last food order: 22:00 /  last drink order: 22:30
  • Closing dates are as follows: 12/3 (Wed), 12/4 (Thu)

Contact: THE GUEST café & diner

  • TEL:(+81)3-3477-5773