BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT Produces the Perfect Seasonal Coat for This Autumn / Winter!

BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT Produces the Perfect Seasonal Coat for This Autumn / Winter!

written by kawacura

As the days are (for some, unfortunately) growing shorter, cooler and bleaker, the mercury is also subsequently dropping! So in preparation for this change in seasons yet at the same time still looking your best, here we provide our top recommendation to fend off the upcoming chill whilst still looking hot in your trendiest get-up! And do be able to achieve both those in an effortless swish of a shoulder roll, is of course with none other than the legendary BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT!

Year After Year, “BABY”, Shines Bright!!

Internationally famed artists, pioneers and producers of “Kawaii” and “Lolita” fashion, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright – continue to push boundaries and entice imaginations each and every season and year with fresh new designs, whilst still holding true to traditional core values. So if looking for that perfect something for yourself or a loved one, then look no further than the official Baby website!


With subtle pastel pink pastels, and elegant ruffled fur, ribbons and bon-bons, the degree of excellence and perfection can only be summed up by aptly be the emotion “Kawaii”!!


Here we having another glorious, cute pink piece that is equally refreshing in its overall impression. The close-fitting torso expanding into a full volume skirt amplified by inconspicuous yet significant subtle trimmings around the neckline, pockets and cuffs make the fine design of this masterpiece a timeless classic! Whilst hard to define without seeing firsthand, the sparkling, glittering aspects of this coat is due to the gold thread that is interwoven into the tweed material!


Despite the darker tones of this piece, it still lights the heart with warmth and brilliance of design and cuteness! Again, featuring subtle lines, prominently pointed ribbons and a stylish silhouette, this unique coat coming in 5 different color variations which makes it a must for any Lolita wardrobe!

Therefore, if after a beautifully unique piece for this upcoming fall or winter, then look no further than the exquisiteness of Baby, The Stars Shine Bright! Yet with this level of cuteness, items are sure to sell out fast, so be sure to visit their official website (listed above) as soon as possible, as not to miss out!!