The Cute World of Fairy Nails! ☆

The Cute World of Fairy Nails! ☆

written by kawacura

Standing out as being truly kawaii in a world full of cuteness can be hard at times. So if looking to up your game and be genuinely adorably charming, then be sure to try out these beautiful “Fairy Nails”!

With pretty pink pastels and light blue hues styled as elemental water droplets, these glittering nails are fit for Ariel, the Little Mermaid herself! Furthermore, upon styling your nails in this stunning fairy fashion, why not create your own dreamlike designs and share with the world! ☆

A Dreamlike World of Beauty ☆


These beautiful nails are achieved by adorning pearl-like flakes shaped as a charming cherry blossom over a pastel pink base color and further highlighted by gold accents. ♪


Soft, subtle pastel whites and colors emphasized by carefully placed sequins and stones create a unity and beauty unlike any other!


These unique nails give a cool impression backed up by a holographic sense of depth. This is further announced by the delicate gold lining.


So if after some distinctive “Mermaid Nails” this season then be sure to try out the proposed designs above. That said, however, the key to real beauty and fashion is inspirational unique designs, so if please experiment with your own creations and be sure to leave some comments and photos below!