Introducing a Behind the Scenes look at the Ornate Stage of the 9th “Burideko Jewel Princess” Rehearsal.

Introducing a Behind the Scenes look at the Ornate Stage of the 9th “Burideko Jewel Princess” Rehearsal.

written by kawacura

We here at KawaCura and especially our most revered reporter Roki, have become quite infatuated and intimately connected with the event and organizers of “Brilliant Star / Burideko”. So it is with this closeness that we were able to report from behind the trench lines to provide an exclusive look at the upcoming “Burideko” event that will be held this month.


More than just a simple fashion show, the event represents true emotions and spirits of the Gothic Lolita industry. So it is with this background of feelings that we try to share with you the heartfelt pleasure and pain that is the Brilliant Star “Burideko” event.


Preparing for the long walk down the runway, all models stretch and limber up in preparation!


An event that is a gathering of hearts more than simply bodies.


For those avid readers of KawaCura that we so sincerely love, you may remember from a previous article on Burideko that the following two inspirational dancers, previously performed as a Unicorn and Harpy at the 8th Burideko event. So what role will this two exceptional dancers provide this time? ☆


With the amount of prestige that these models have, practice is unnecessary, yet still performed.

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Imaginary stages and unfelt music are merely the beginnings of being a beautiful “Burideko” Model.


With harsh, judgmental yet fair eyes, the creators of Burideko, ascertain the level o0f excellence of each and every model – even down to using a stopwatch to calculate performances.


With further strict observation, each model again provides a solo walk of scrutiny.


Here at the practice theatre, dancers, vocalists and stage celebrities all unite in a unison of fashion fanaticism.


With barely part of a partial script, actors and performers are expected to fluently adlib their way through the difficult, strict and very regimented scenes.


Yet despite the harsh formalities of rehearsals, each and all enjoyed the rest that was to come.

Burideko! The Event Details.

Whilst but a stone’s throw away, this spectacular event still has advance tickets available so get in quick before time and availability runs out!!

Brilliant Star Decorations ☆ Burideko “Jewel Princess”

  • Date / Time:21st of September 2015
    • Matinee:”The Princess of December” Lobby Doors Open: 12:00 Hall Doors Open: 12:30 Curtain Open: 13:00
    • Evening Event. Jewelry Princess. Lobby Doors Open: 16:00 Hall Doors Open: 17:30 Curtain Open: 18:00
    • Event Location:Shinjuku ReNY(Shinjuku Island Hall 2F)

Ticket Sales: Advance Sales:Lawson Tickets. Lコード:74344(Matinee・ ¥2500・At the Door ¥3000)

    • Evening Show:Advanced Booking Reserved Seating ¥4,500
    • Evening Show:Advanced Booking Reserved Standing Room Only ¥4,000
    • ¥500 discount available upon presentation of valid student identification.