The Ever Cute Twin Tails!  ♡ Royalty Among Lolita Hairstyles

The Ever Cute Twin Tails! ♡ Royalty Among Lolita Hairstyles

written by kawacura

When talking of Lolita hairstyles, the undisputed champion of fashion is the twin-tail look! And why not?! The cute, charming style has long been popular among various genres of Lolita fashion, so here we present a few of the top variations of this iconic look!

The World of Lolita Hairstyles.

Being that Lolita fashion is a promotion of self, fans of Lolita love to have a wide variety of clothes, make-up and hair styles. Yet despite the plethora of options available the ever popular “Twin-Tail” look still remains the most commonly seen look among Lolita’s. That said however, there are a wide variety of twin-tail hairstyles that are at times better suited for certain occasions or genres. So let’s take a look at some of the subtle yet profound differences of the twin-tail hairstyle that is so poignant within Japanese culture, anime and fashion.

The Simple / Basic Twin Tail.


Obviously the first and only real logical place to start our twin tail journey is with the basic / simple twin-tail. For reference sake, twin-tails could also be classified in English as pig-tails, yet actually differ significantly. Pig-tails are a wide covering term illustrating all the hair being separated into two pony-tails, one on each side of the head. Yet twin-tail hair, especially the basic form of it, refers to a (generally) eye-line fringe which ends with longer length streamers on each side and then the rest of the hair being bunched separately to form a ponytail on each side of the head, usually higher up than standard pigtails.

For example, in the above picture we have a beautiful Metamorphose dress that is perfected suited to, if not upstaged even, by the elegant and cute basic twin-tail hairstyle! The unassuming black coloring, length and straightness all create a very striking impression in spite of the simplicity of design.

Interestingly it is believed that the twin-tail look spawned from the Japanese obsession with small faced girls, which is why fringes endding with longer lengths that are worn in front of the ear to create an overall smaller viewable skin area become so popular and created the now internationally known twin-tail look.


Here the medium length, high positioned, curly twin-tails with a thick, full fringe make the model look a pretty little doll! The elaborate styling matched with black hair is impeccably suited with lighter pastels, frills and lace such as dolly-kei, fairy-kei, ama-loli or even goth-loli! There are no rules with fashion, so if you enjoy it – then wear it!


The soft, loose, winding curls of these twin-tails and bangs also fit snugly well with pastel dresses and even darker stronger tones as well. Another key element to the love of twin-tails is not only the cuteness factor but also the ability to have fun with the style! By varying colors, lengths, straightness or curls, along with the ability to accessorize with limitless decorations make this style one of the more enjoyable of hair styles.

When accessorizing twin-tails there is a world of options! Be it subtle or distinctive center pieces, offset ribbons or cute little decorations on each tail, no matter what the addition, it is sure to be super kawaii! ♪

Colored Twin-Tails


For those that have mastered the beginner slopes of the twin-tail hairstyle and are itching for the black diamond runs, why not try trying colored hair! Arranging and coordinating colored hair with outfits and accessories is fun yet challenging but extremely rewarding! Coloring your own hair can be exciting and thrilling, yet often can cause harm to your hair, finances, personal or professional life, therefore using wigs can be a great way to still have fun coordinating without any of the hassles! The blue and pink marbled hair featured above is an exquisite wig that works perfectly with fairy-kei or ama-loli fashion etc.


Subsequently this wig features short curly tails layered with hues of orange, which would be quite difficult to authentically reproduce with your natural hair. The high volume outer wing curls give off an enthusiastic energetic impression. This along with the deep fringe and tight side lengths create a “small face” effect which would work well with lighter, whiter makeup and dolly-kei or even loli-pan (Punk Lolita) fashion.


Finally the eternal, effervescent long, blonde, straight twin tails! Famously worn by Sailor Moon, amongst many others, this has been a classical look long within Japanese animation and comics. Of course a deep chestnut brunet or any other color still looks incredible, yet for truly stand-out exceptional radiance, the popular choice seems to be blood. Despite the sometimes negative connotations, blond also tends to match easily with almost all genres of Lolita fashion and can create the impression of being a European princess.

Twin-Tails Tutorial



So far we have introduce a variations of the length, cut, color and style of which twin-tails can be, so hopefully this has inspired you to try some of these styles or create new variations of your own! And if you do please be sure to leave a comment below! ♡