Photo Collection of International Lolitas ♪

Photo Collection of International Lolitas ♪

written by kawacura

While all Lolita’s are proudly beautiful, these following non-Japanese Lolita’s are exceptionally exquisite! So here we present a few gorgeous images of different Lolita’s categorized into each of the main sub-categories of Lolita fashion.

This is actually the true beauty of Lolita fashion, in that not only the fans who wear Lolita fashion enjoy it but also anyone else who sees people wearing such cute outfits and ensembles can appreciate it and thus lighten moods!

Ama-Loli : (Sweet Lolita)


This darling, exquisite one-piece dress is so cute that it seems like something straight out of Alice of Wonderland! The stripped pink jumper-skirt may seem at odds with the pink polka-dot blouse, yet all in all the entire outfit complete with petite head ware absolutely adorable!


This prime example of Ama-Loli fashion is full of lovely cuteness and childlike appeal! The soft impeccable atmosphere and charming coloring is a perfect match for the genre.


This pink powerhouse of an outfit is also undeniably delightful! Whist being a seasonal piece, the completeness of this kawaii clothing is flawless no matter what time of year! Key attention should be paid to the uniqueness of the beautifully long pink wig!


The white lace of this Lolita outfit is very sweet and delicate! The matching whitening make-up with a highlighted pastel green hair focus, makes this piece an absolute winner! The decorative tights and fancy shoes further add to this look appears more as a romantic doll than as a real-life person!

Goth-Loli : (Gothic Lolita)


The universal sense of neutrality that the color grey presents is clearly prevalent here in this jumper-skirt. With a full volume skirt and dynamically black hair, this ensemble provides a complete picture! The delicate accessories and stylish high socks promote a coordination that would be cool in summer and hot in winter!


Particular care seems to be paid to symmetries and asymmetries in this black white, square uneven, balanced and offset ensemble. The running theme of light vs dark through hair, make-up and clothes tells a tale of struggle which is further intensified by the strict and equally offhand lines of shape and accessories, such as the perfectly positioned ribbon.


This piece is not a renaissance painting but an actual real piece of fashion! The passionate, alluring red hair positively contributes to this sultry set. So if ever, considering such a flamboyant piece full of lace, volume and intricacy, perhaps investing in a vibrant wig may be just the thing to complete an eye-catching ensemble.

Kura-Loli : (Classical Lolita)


This green dress with its large decorative emblem that it is downright adorable! The lacy, silky blouse is characteristically adept to the classical world of Kura-Loli. So why not try to imitate this perfect balance of soft and vibrant atmospheres?


The backdrop of this antique style room invigorates the beautifully chic elegance of this outfit! With perfectly balanced colors and materials the quiet stylish atmosphere of this attire is full of wondrous appealing charm!


This sporty looking elegant classical Lolita is full of volume and vigor! No matter where and when you are from, this look is a timeless classic that is full of attraction.

Kuro-Loli : (Black Lolita)


With pure white skin, the contrast of black Lolita fashion clothing suits very well. The darkly elegant, extravagant style of the above picture, seems like it would be better suited as a doll-like silhouette quietly perched on a windowsill – rather than an actual real-life model.


Again, the atmosphere of this beautiful gown, hair and make-up create a gorgeous picturesque ambiance. So why not try this style for yourself sometime?


For some reason, the juxtaposition of blonde hair against black clothing always creates a striking atmosphere! The slender cut full of ruffles and lace is wonderfully transient is its distinction and charm.


Hopefully some of these intrinsically beautiful photos have inspired you to try some new fashion styles and enjoy the subtleties of certain genres. If you do so, please be sure to leave some charming photos and comments below. ♪