Gothic Eye Make-up For Anyone & Everyone!

Gothic Eye Make-up For Anyone & Everyone!

written by kawacura

Fashion : As Vast As It Is Deep.

By its very nature fashion is defined by its expanse and volume. The sheer nature of scope and precision make it a true unfiltered channel of emotions that trickle upon everyday life and subliminally affect each and every one of us!

Varieties of Gothic Lolita Makeup.

The intricate world of Gothic Fashion begins much farther than just your wardrobe, for it is a conscious choice of ideals and cravens which leads you upon the path of supreme fashion!

Yet creating epic, alluring masterpieces can be a time consuming and heart wrenching affair. So here we will provide some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your gothic styled make-up and how to achieve transcendent beauty!

Whilst gothic make-up tends be heavily focused on dark contrasts, shadows and pale whites, a natural look will be easier to coordinate styles and fashion with and be gentler on your skin and finances.


Gothic make-up is distinctively dark and sharp in nature. With heavy uses of black eye liner, mascara and eye shadowing, a certain depth and 3D appeal can be achieved. This thickness and depth is one of the key elements and attractions of the style and why there are so many fans of it.   Crisp sharp eyebrows and eye liners also help create this contrast and is a good way of fashioning focus to essential areas.


Here a slightly diluted shade is used compared to earlier with an emphasized upper line of eyelashes. The exaggerated tones and lines make for an impressionistic iconic style in this gothic look.

Video Tutorial

Despite all the pictures and written advice that is out there, sometimes a visual portrayal / tutorial is the easiest and best way to learn and pick up new tips and tricks. That said, there is no exact science or perfect manipulation when it comes to facial make-up. As each face and spirit is individual, so should the techniques, styles and methods be. The video below however, does provide some hidden insights into how to aptly use shadowing and contrast to create a perfect Gothic Lolita look! So whilst this style may not be “correct” for you, it may provide some new insights and thoughts.

So, hopefully, the method of styling these large and deep eyelashes were new to some and provided some new techniques. Especially the part of dividing the fill line with the background shadow, which may be common to some but unknown to others.

Varieties of Fill Shadowing

Focusing on shadowing and depth of contrast is a great way to create a striking memorable look. So if wanting some distinctive shape and color around the eyes, then why not try the styles introduced here?


Within gothic fashion vibrant, crimson reds and deep passionate purples fit extremely well. So it is with this in mind that the upper eyelids were highlighted so. This elegant timeless practice can be used though a multiple of degrees!


The bluish grey shadowing that is used here is a subtlety beautiful technique which once again draws depth and intricacy to the eye line. The monotone coloring is easily applicable and convenient when coordinating with a variety of fashions. The highlighting and beautiful graduation / conjunction of tones creates a sensually sexual appeal that transgresses all boundaries!


The simplistic and subliminally beautiful lines of this eye make-up are truly gorgeous! Without too much depth or shadow, the subtlety of this look creates just the right amount of attention and inconspicuousness. The common lines and simple silver highlighted lines are perfect for a more mature ensemble or when wanting a more delicate look.



Hopefully this article has provided some inspiration for variations of gothic makeup and some new techniques to showing color and depth within the darkness. If you have any other tips or secrets that you wish to share, please leave a comment below with such information!