Pastel Colors and Fashions to Make All of Your Lolita Dreams Come True!

Pastel Colors and Fashions to Make All of Your Lolita Dreams Come True!

written by kawacura

Coordinating with sweet pastel colors is the ultimate in some Lolita sub-genres and at a minute level a must in any form of Harajuku fashion. So if wanting to incorporate these pretty pink or blue hues and pastels into your wardrobe, then read on to learn or brush up on some key points of this key element to Lolita and Harajuku fashion!

The Pastel Lolita World! ♡


Be it domestically within Japan or internationally, Lolita fashion is undeniably recognized worldwide as a legitimate style. But within this world of Lolita there are subtle differences and similarities which were and are the roots of how the fashion trend grew. One of these such striking and definitive roots which dug, clawed and pieced our hearts and imaginations was the pastel elements of Lolita. This faction can include a number of sub-genres including; Ama-Loli (Sweet Lolita), Loli-Pan (Punk Lolita), Hime-Loli (Princess Lolita), Ero-Loli (Erotic Lolita), or even be included as a subtle highlight to the darkness and blacks of Goth-Loli (Gothic Lolita), for example…

So, in this article we would like to highlight some of the bright, positive beauties of coordinating with pastel colors and to introduce some recommended items and styles if wanting to enter the world of pretty! ♪

Recommended Styles


Naturally, the leading and most decisive factor in Pastel fashion is the clothes. Being clad in a soft and light atmosphere of hues is the premier of pastel fashion. Yet further more so, accessorizing with the lighter side of the color spectrum despite the clothing can also have a very advantageous and positive effect on your style and ensembles! As exampled above, decorating key areas such as wrists, hair and ankles with delicate colors can have a soft, subtle yet striking effect! ☆


Here is a prime example of a princess in pink! This super sweet coordinated look begins with a cute pastel dress that is matched by hair coloring and accessories and completed by adorable bunny ears and tail which make this outfit simply too cute for words!


The feature photo above highlights the 2014/2015 winter stylings of the beautifully pink Angelic Pretty. The lovely silhouette of these designs that are full of ribbons and cute decorations are delightful in their pure pink pastels, so why not try these adorable coats next time the mercury drops!


The sheer innocence of this pale blue and pink combo is just so sweeeeet!! With a mix of textures, tones and accessories, the overall impact of this ensemble is nothing but brilliant! Another key point of enjoying pastel fashion, is the ability to incorporate cute fluffy childlike plush toys and accessories like the stuffed unicorn being cuddled in the above picture.

Advantages of Pastel Wigs


Whilst using your own natural hair color when wearing pastel fashion is perfectly acceptable, it can be a bit of a challenge to truly fulfil a complete outfit. Thus wearing colorful wigs is a great way of perfecting an entire ensembles! With soft subtle purple pastels this particular wig is absolutely fabulous! ♪


Of late improvements in design, production, quality and varieties have resulted in excellent hair pieces that are beautiful, stylish and heat and water-resistant safe. For example, the arrangement of this original wig with its long bangs, cute curls, dynamic coloring and full volume is simply sensational and suitable for any season and occasion regardless of the weather! !


Colorful wigs are great and perfect for so many outfits in so many ways, yet at some times the simple styles and colorless hues of blond wigs are also fantastically striking in their own accord. It is at times like these, that when done properly, the clothes and fashion can really highlight through the complimenting and contrasting colors. ♡

Differences Between Small Accessories.


Among many of the necessary components in creating a perfect pastel Lolita fashion ensemble, tights are undoubtedly an absolute essential element. Regardless of the season, either simple, pure white tights or intricate design tights with cute motifs work really well with pastel fashions. So next time you are looking for that ultimate Lolita look, try experimenting with fashionable tights!


Besides tights, cute – adorable backpacks are also a hit accessory! Many popular choices are soft, plush animal styled rucksacks or bags. The lovely, fluffy look of these styles can also actually be a headliner of an ensemble so have fun when choosing accessories!


When enjoying a certain style of fashion, the love of style doesn’t have to be necessarily restricted to only clothes. Furthermore, enthusiastic Lolitas who often participate in Tea Parties will often travel to the event in a set of clothes and then change at the location so that travelling with a large amount of articles is an unfortunate component of Lolita fashion. Therefore! Why not incorporate the two and enjoy pastel themed luggage and colorful rollers!

Hopefully some of the beautiful pictures above have inspired you to enjoy the charming styles of Pastel Lolita fashion!