Goth-Loli Hairstyles!  Sweet or Ominous?  Wear it Anyway You Want!!

Goth-Loli Hairstyles! Sweet or Ominous? Wear it Anyway You Want!!

written by kawacura

The beauty about Goth-Loli hairstyles is the freedom in which they can be carried out! They can be either Lolita based in sweetness and cuteness to lighten an outfit or striking dark and grave to give depth and contrast to brighter outfits. This ability to mix it up and create pure or poisonous styled looks truly allows fans to enjoy the fashion enormously as is a key factor to why Gothic Lolita fashion is so popular all over the world!

Therefore, here we will introduce some tips and techniques on some popular hairstyles that can be used within Goth-Loli so that you can get the very most out of this wonderful trend! So read on for more great information!

Classic / Basic Goth-Loli Hairstyles


Because of the depth and vastness of hairstyle varieties that can be incorporated into Goth-Loli fashion, having slightly longer hair allows for more range of options. Within this a princess style cut with soft or firm waves seems to be popular as it can be worn as is or can still be transformed into a number of different styles. Gold, black color combinations along with black and green, ash and burgundy all work very well for creating striking two-toned focal points, which also photograph well! ☆

That said, short hair also creates some very cool and funky looks that mix excellently with Goth-Loli fashion! More-over, if aiming for a rougher, more punk styled grittier look to your coords, then short hair can have a very hot appeal and is much easier to work with in creating aggressive styles and colors!

The “Lolita” Side of Goth-Loli : The Ever Cute Cat Ears!


This sweet and charming style fits perfectly with softer Goth-Loli styles yet also works exceptionally well if colored and styled properly to add a little edge and juxtaposition to even the most sinister and grimiest of darker Goth-Loli ensembles! As illustrated above, the look can easily be achieved with rubber bands and clips and can be tweaked to confirm to individuals face shapes and preferences. Simply by gathering and twisting bunches of hair, this cute cat earned look can expertly be produced in no time at all. Otherwise, by experimenting in colors and sharpness of the bunches the ears can transform into the more wicked sight of evil devil horns! So be sure to try this style out and have fun mixing and matching your hair to your favorite outfits and daily emotions! ♪

The “Gothic” Side of Goth-Loli : The Ever Impressive Maleficent!


Whilst this style is definitely a step up from the somewhat simple cat ears / devil horns, the “Maleficent” style is worth the effort and can be great fun in attempting! This is especially true for Halloween themed Tea Parties, events or simply any time you feel like going that extra mile! ☆

To achieve this Disney themed Villainous look, which is all the rage right now, a certain amount of time, patience and technique is required. So if lacking any of these then perhaps requesting the style from your favorite hair stylist/professional may be an easier option. If up for a challenge however, then first start by wrapping up your entire hair and heating with a hair iron. After parting your hair down the middle, twist each bunch from the front to the back but make sure to stay above the ear line. When pinning in place make sure to apply at the base of the twist with the open side of the pin facing forward so as not to be visible. If need be finish with hair spray to keep loose stray strands in place.

Victorian Era Goth-Loli Styles.


Among all of the popular sub-genres of Lolita fashion, a very prevalent and common thread that is held in high esteem across each category is Victorian and Rococo styles. Within these fashions, styling hair with braids is paramount. The “braid headband” style is also especially popular. By creating elegant, intricate braids at each temple and wrapping across the forward at the hairline and pinning in place with clips or pins, graceful and refined hairstyles can easily be achieved. So next time when trying to finish your perfect ensemble, why not try this romantic and beloved style!

Coloring Hair in Goth-Loli Styles.


Universally, Gothic fashion is synonymous with the color black. However, brilliant whites, deep purples, burgundy reds and somber greens all work very well at creating depth and appeal to an outfit. Thus, the same can be said of Goth-Loli hairstyles! Be it coloring of your natural hair, or using a variety of wigs, string contrasts or complimenting colors of hair and clothes can make an ensemble truly stand out! So be sure to enjoy mixing up your color spectrum as well as your length, cut and styling when trying on new or existing outfits! For more information on hair coloring with Gothic Lolita styles, try taking a look at the works of “Takarano Arika” and “MANA”, yet above trust your own sense of style and enjoy! ☆