A Look at 3 Fantastic Autumn Lolita Coords!

A Look at 3 Fantastic Autumn Lolita Coords!

written by kawacura

As fun as it is dressing in Lolita fashion, it can at times be slightly difficult to find that perfect look and have a unique yet genre fitting outfit. Thus, in this article we highlight three distinctive and delightful ensembles that are a perfect fit for the fall season! So if wanting some tips or simply love looking at gorgeous Lolita fashion, read on for more!

Gold! : Is it Truly the King of all Lolita Colors???



Within the vast spectrums of colors and hues that are often featured within all categories of Lolita fashion, none is more delicate and used in detail as is the regal stylings of GOLD! Being featured in buttons, hems, trims, and majestic motifs, golden threads and patterns are everywhere within the Lolita world. Being paired with reds, greens and blues etc, the majestic matching of gold fits perfectly with all looks!

This is especially true within the beautiful Angelic Pretty jumper skirt as featured in the above photo (second from the right). Besides the intricate gold trim and stylings, the above outfit even features (unfortunately out of shot) golden shoes to match! This magnificent outfit, can also be seen in its entirety in the popular fashion magazine, “Separate Spoon” volume 55.

So if looking to add a little class, glitter, and regality to your outfit, then try incorporating a little Gold in your shoes, belts, bags, and accessories to step up your coordination’s a notch or too, for this universal color matches with all and creates a presence in all you see it!

Matching Styles with Fellow Lolita’s!



As fun as it is dressing in a uniquely individualistic style, at times doing the whole “Pair Look” thing can be truly heart-warming and rewarding!! So if you are at this stage of enjoying fashion and dressing up with other like-minded people, then why not try taking it to the next level!

What level, you may be asking? Well why not try taking the pair look, to the triplet level?!>?  When dressing in similar matching styles or different yet coordinated fashions with a friend, a united sense and unbreakable bond can be felt and treasured.   Therefore, when expanding this to more than one person the bond and joy thus magnifies, which is why bridal parties all dress uniformly.

So when planning or attending your next Tea party, have a thought about a more united and common theme and dress and accessorize collectively & comprehensively as a team of Lolitas rather than as individuals! ☆彡 By matching pastels, styles and or decorations, a unified aura and strength of character can be achieved threefold, fourfold etc. and thoroughly memorable to others! ♡

Autumn Colors and Seasonal Foods!



Another fascinating and truly alluring facet of the Lolita Lifestyle is the diversity which it offers. Few other fashions offer such a freedom of choice, style and inspiration as does the uniquely intricate Harajuku styles and fashions as Lolita Fashion does! Regardless of the season, weather, event, style or motif designed / inspired theme : certain unique fashionable looks can easily be achieved and appreciated.

This freedom of expression can easily be seen through the Metamorphose, Juliette et Justine and Morun Muuna Soik selected collections.   The autumn appeal of mushroom motifs arouse a deep intrinsic inspiration of seasonal changes and harmony. Yet while mushrooms represent a sign of growth and purity of nature, they can also harbor a signal of death and destruction! So it is with this complex conversion that the inspiration behind these divine dresses were felt.

On a side note, the mushroom culture of Japan is actually quite deep and relevant to many local and historic areas. The “Fukuoka Mushroom Festival” (of Fukuoka Kyushu) is a dominant event held annually in November. It is with this cultural reverence and spiritual, fairytale tip of the hat to the immortal mushroom, that they have been and will continue to be featured in such delightful and delicate designs!

Beauty becoming Beauty : Elegance enhancing Elegance.



The true and sincere love of Lolita fashion is an unstoppable force that cannot be tamed, restrained or humbled under any circumstance! This freedom of fantastic fashion also holds firm in the face of seasonal changes! Whilst some may love a certain style for a few months of the year, a true Lolita will not let the drop in mercury decrease their love of Lolita. … That said, obviously each and every one of us wants to feel comfortable while wearing the clothes that we love and adore! So it is with this this passion that beautiful blouses and undergarments can be intricately incorporated into our most beloved outfits and ensembles!

By either matching or contrasting volume, fabrics, colors, and or styles, certain depth and striking characteristics can come to light in any o0r all areas of the outfit. Therefore, with Autumn being as vastly complex and subtle as it is, it is the perfect time to try new styles and coordination, be they short sleeved or long sleeved, there is always a chance to find that perfect combination within the Autumn months!

Tights: Truly The Knot Tying a Complete Ensemble Together!



Coordinating with tights is a subtle yet used properly can be a breathtakingly beautiful addition and or center-piece of an outfit. This is especially true when coordinating with friends, when matching colors, or patterns can be either synchronized or contrasted to create a certain depth, aura and presence. Major brands the like of “Baby” (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright) or “Inowa” (Innocent World) offer a range of colors and styles of tights which can be used individually amongst your own wardrobe or as a communed, combined look between friends.

This adjustable style and range of patterns in not just limited to the above two brands as many other companies also cater to this freedom and collaboration of expression. Stores like Abilletage(アビエタージュ) & Grimoire(グリモワール)also produce patterned tights with a strong presence which can be used in classical styles or upbeat – modern, challenging fashion!



So if looking for a new piece to add to that favorite ensemble or hoping to expand the impact of your outfits, then try experimenting with tights, for they are a fun-filled safe way of exploring your own fashion sense without diving head-first into the deep end of the pool!

For more information on various Lolita styles and tips on how to enjoy the subtleties of each unique and enjoyable sub-genre of Harajuku fashion be sure to read each and every other article at KawaCura! ♡