Introducing the Must-Have Dresses and Designs from “Honey Cinnamon”

Introducing the Must-Have Dresses and Designs from “Honey Cinnamon”

written by kawacura


YuruFuwa (ゆるふわ) ! Whilst it may sound like a joyful greeting in some obscure language it is actually (the obscure language of, contracted) Japanese. For a quick explanation for new Lolitas and fans of Harajuku Fashion, YuruFuwa is a contraction of Yuru-Yuru(ゆるゆる【緩々】)meaning loose, relaxed, free and Fuwa-Fuwa (ふわふわ)meaning soft, fluffy, airy (i.e. think clouds and cotton candy). So it is with this conception of Yuru-Fuwa, unrestricted lightness, that many of the prominent pieces form Honey Cinnamon have become so popular and loved.

Brand Concept

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Honey Cinnamon is produced by the “Big Papa” former SKE48  idol and talent, Kanako Hiramatsu, who is originally from the fashion conscious Aichi prefecture.  Being a famous idol and talent in Japan means that you are no stranger to fashion, style and the need for just the right look!  So it is with this experience and top designs that Honey Cinnamon is why we here at KawaCura highly recommend this brand!  ♪

Honey Cinnamon is symbol of gentle sweetness and fascinating flavor! This concept of sweet flavor without a unique taste and style is the inspiration behind the designs.

The love of “Cuteness” through all types of fashion, especially that feeling of fantasy and dream-like elegance and classical retro styles, is an ageless passion that never fades! And thus nor will the timeless designs and pure beauty of Honey Cinnamon.

Simple Yet Cute!


With their stylishly simple and colorfully cute pink logo, Honey Cinnamon is a brand that is perfect for ordinary everyday wear or even for fashion models strutting down the catwalk!  The dreamy, fantastical retro-elegant stylings of the brand are so delightful that was you have experienced the range for yourself, we are sure your wardrobe will soon contain nothing but Honey Cinnamon from there on out! ♪

Deliciously Dainty Dresses


This beautifully charming dress features clean, delicate lines full of graceful, lovely lace. The intricacies and innocent stylings of the design present a pure and virtuous atmosphere.  As a seasonal fashion trend, the off-shoulder look matched with a stylish cardigan of sorts is extremely popular at the moment.  ☆

This glamorous alluring dress is available in two different types is produced with a 100% cotton surface with a polyester lining and with size measurements of (Medium Size) Bust: 106cm, hem width: 157cm, sleeve length: 33cm, length: 105cm.

¥ 5,400 (Tax included.)



This pretty pastel pink dress covered with sweet red cherries and a cute little white rounded collar is absolutely divine! The accents of color against white highlighted by a silky smooth satin ribbon provides an emphasis of cuteness that is rarely seen.  The A-line silhouette made from stretch materials makes this as pleasurable to wear as is it is to view.

Priced at ¥ 8,300 (Tax included.) it’s sure to sell out soon, so be sure to get yours as quickly as possible!



The “Bunny Print Frill” one-piece dress is cuteness materialized! With the large frills, distinctive design colorful motifs all further accentuated by rich ribbons, come together to make a dress that produces a beautifully stylish atmosphere!  ♪

The fun and fanciful bunny print dress is available in either pink or black making it perfect for either an Ama-Loli tea party or excellent for a sweeter take on traditional Goth-Loli stylings. So if a fan of both genres, be sure to enjoy both!!

Sized at (Medium) Length: 85cm, Bust: 86cm, Waist: 80cm with a Sleeve length of 62cm and priced at a mere ¥ 10,800 (Tax included) this is another piece that is sure to sell out fast!  ◎