An Introduction to the New Metamorphose Series : The Secret Laboratory of Black Cats

An Introduction to the New Metamorphose Series : The Secret Laboratory of Black Cats

written by kawacura

The latest Autumn / Winter range and series from Metamorphose has recently been released and it is definitely a collection that deserves priority placement within any Lolita wardrobe! So be sure to check out this adorably exquisite range as quickly as possible for they’re sure to sell out fast!  Dubbed “The Secret Laboratory of Black Cats” this new and fashionable range is sure to set hearts a fluttering all over the world!

A Look at the Series

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Even within the chic, elegant and more mature aspects of the range, there are still bright vivid colors and impacts! Yet throughout the majority of the collection the common thread of a black cat can be seen running through.  This combined with the “archive” style motif is where the “laboratory” aspect comes into play, so it is with this subtle yet playful concoction that the theme and stirred emotions of secrecy are so heartfelt!


Besides the intricate and delicate attention to detail, there are also three distinct and delightful color options! Available in Emerald, Ruby, and Amethyst (Sapphire) each and all are beautifully designed and wonderfully styled!


Coordinating with head dresses and ribbons (available in each color) are also highly recommended to create that perfect coordinated look! Furthermore, if wanting to ultimately combine all pieces or to use as a stand-alone piece with another outfit, then you should definitely look into getting a pair of the “The Secret Laboratory of Black Cats” tights as well!


So be sure to get your hands on these super stylish and cute designs before they sell out, which they are sure to do very, very quickly! That said however, if you do manage to acquire some of these exquisite pieces post some of your favorite coords below on our message board for all fans of Kawaii to love and admire!