Fabulous Fashion From the Feet Up!!  A Guide To Fantastic Lolita Footwear!

Fabulous Fashion From the Feet Up!! A Guide To Fantastic Lolita Footwear!

written by kawacura

Without getting too spiritual, this beautiful place that we call home (Earth) promotes a ground-up atmosphere. With so many proverbs furthering this point it is needless to say any more than that.  Yet, Lolita fashion, being as beautiful and divine as it is follows this natural and celestial trend effortlessly! ♪☆

So it is with this ideal in mind that this article presents a “Fashion From The Feet Up” editorial for any and all who are struggling to perfectly match and coordinate the perfect piece to the perfect platform!

Footwear Fit For Lolita!



Firstly, if you happen to think, “Huh?! What brand are these??”, then unfortunately this article may not be for you. For it is with simplicity and elegance of design and taste that are the key factors when assembling a perfect Lolita outfit.  So rather than simply search for a brand label, we humbly suggest that you first of all attune to the sense of style!

Obviously there are famous iconic brands like “Baby” (Baby the Stars Shine Bright!), “Pretty” (Angelic Pretty) or “Ino-Wa” (Innocent World) which produce a beautiful, bountiful plethora of perfect pieces, yet for this topic… Yet there is also a world of unknown brands just as pretty and perfect as the top, high-level excetuvive brand labels.   So here we are not going to advertise any certain brands but simply recommend that you try on a variety of styles, shapes and colors until you find just the right one! (or two or three or seven!)

So, just as Cinderella and Prince Charming knew … the shoe that fits is the shoe that finds love!

Therefore, when chooses an outfit or coordinating an ensemble, be sure to pay very special attention to the “roots-up” efficiency of Nature and take the time to carefully consider your footwear!

Thus regardless of a certain labelled brands’ color or style, simply be mindful of the power of Gaia (Gaea) and respect the foundations and tiered levels of nature, fashion and style.  And from there be sure that no matter what combinations or coordination’s that one may imagine, there is no failure in fashion!

As the KawaCura team always tries to promote, “If you can dream it – then you can wear it!”

Dedicated Lolita Designed Footwear



Professional brand names that produce dedicated Lolita suited footwear such as the popular brand QueenBee.  Be it Sweet-Lolita, Goth, Punk or Decora style, shoes that are rich in comfort and quality are available for beautiful coordination’s with any outfit!

With a simple one strap clasp shoe as featured above with a cute delicate ribbon motif on the front, is so marvelous that it can be used in a variety of genres and fashions.

Priced at 10,584 JPY (Tax Inclusive) this is a beautiful high quality product that can be purchased easily online and with a user-friendly return policy that makes shopping a breeze!  And as an extra bonus the shoe box that comes with is also so heartwarmingly cute, that it’s almost worth buying the shoes just for the packaging!  ♡

Lolita Footwear Can Be Found Everywhere!



Are you familiar with the brand Catherine Cottage? Don’t feel too disheartened if this is the first time you have heard the name, for it is a brand that primarily focuses on children’s fashion!  That said however, they also produce a few pieces designed for adults with sizing up to 25cm.  One such prime example are the gorgeous shoes as featured above which are highlighted by removable ribbons and a charming ruffled toe!  Furthermore for less than 7000 yen these made in Japan shoes are available in Chocolate brown, black and pink.

Cute Girlish Shoes Perfect For Lolita Coordination’s!



With so many, many cute girly branded shoes that are perfect for Lolita fashion it is near impossible to list them all, so here we will highlight a particular brand that particularly stands out. The F.I.N.T “Triple Ribbon Pumps” featured above are remarkably trendy in their design and super comfortable as well!  ☆  Made from durable authentic imitation leather these enhanced heels with a cushioned insole and rear clasp these pumps blend a beautiful design with a comfortable ease of wear!  Lined and styled uniformly across the range, the shoes are available in pink, gray, and black and again priced similarly at 7000 yen.

If however, prepared to spend a little more money, then the genuine leather range from Jane Marple also has an entire selection of cute and adorable Lolita styled fashion footwear that can be used each and every day or only for those most special of occasions.

That said, on the other side of the spectrum, shopping at auctions and second hand stores can also produce some exciting very profitable pieces and products!

Footwear for Lolita Who Want to Flaunt their Fabulous Feet!



Nothing completes the perfect outfit more so than a perfect pair of shoes! And no brand does this better than the cute brand of RoseMarie seoir. Full of shinning, shimmering satin based fabrics the “Glitter Shoes” appear to be straight out of “The Wizard of Oz”.

The dazzling design of these classical shoes with a short heel are like above, comfortable to wear whilst still being stunningly sophisticated! So for those looking to add a little flair and attention to their outfits without going over the top, we highly recommend these amazing shoes which match perfectly with elegant tights or frilled / laced socks!


So hopefully some of the styles and brands featured above will inspire you to try searching out of your comfort zone when looking for fabulous footwear! For as constantly stated, fashion is a sense of self, so it does not matter what brand, label, style or genre that you wear, simply that if you enjoy it, others will as well!!  So please, leave some comments and pictures below of all your funky, fun, stylish and glamorous, fabulous footwear below so that all can enjoy!